Baby Milestones: Red Flags in a Child's Development or Bragging Rights for Competitive Moms?

baby walkingWhoever's daughter crawls first is the coolest! Whoever's son gets teeth earliest is destined to have an Einstein on their hands! Whoever's child drinks out of the sippy cup quickest wins a prize!

Or not.

Although often treated as a competition, baby milestones are more intended to serve as red flags. For instance, baby not sitting up by a year? Red flag. Baby crawling at 6 months? That's great, but ... doesn't necessarily mean you have a genius on your hands.

Here's a quick rundown of what you need to know about four big milestones -- and when it's okay to stop worrying!


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jalaz77 jalaz77

I know a few women who brag cause their kids walked at 8mo or another at 10mo and ask me how old mine were. I say 12mo, 14mo, 13-14mo AND that would suck having a kid walk at such a young age. I don't care if they are offended. It's totally bragging when the next question is when did your kid do this???

nonmember avatar MammaMel

That's funny...because my son's doctor (you know...those people who actually have degrees in this stuff) said that doing something well before a "milestone" IS a sign of an advanced child......

Dani Madden

jalaz77 I have a baby who is walking at 8 months & people think it's great. Am I proud she's a head? Yes. But over all I HATE it. It's so hard to keep up i would of liked to have a non-moving baby longer 

I do brag though because like MammaMel said my drs told me my baby is 11 month devloped at 8 & this is only the 2nd time in her almost 30 year career that she's seen it & that my daughter is having the signs of an 'advanced child'  


I use to moan & groan to my husband because the twins were not walking at 6 to 9 mos after hearing other mothers tell me about their kids...I really thought something was seriously wrong with my babies or they were just lazy turn out to the be the latter--they WERE lazy bums [they started walking at 10 & 11 months]---LOL! 

I still had hopes that I had geniuses...until I received their 1st report card from a school...I realized my kids were pretty much average...Bummer!

 Love them to death--would never trade them for anything in this world.

tmmir... tmmiranda

I have three all developed at different times. my oldest was crawling by 5 months and walking by 8 i was so proud and bragged to everyone on how smart she was my other two didnt develop as quickly in fact my youngest didnt crawl until 10 months and walking until 13 months but now that their older (8,5, and 4) i see that but are at a level they should be and i dont have any geniuses but i do have three very smart kids however it seems like my 8 year old was more developed and mature by 4 and 5 then my other two are now i dont think it has as much to do with brains as maybe the faster they develop the quicker they mature which would make it seem like smarter.

Bridget Coe Karlin

I had an earlier walker, but a late talker (babbled at about the correct time but really did not talk until about 2). Drove the MIL absolutely crazy because supposedly my husband was talking full sentences by age 1. Bad enough to have others comparing your kid to their, but even worse having to deal with comparison with a parent. Now at age 9, she is smart as can be but I can see the impatience that caused her to walk so early and have to be upright and seeing the world from birth.

Rootbear Rootbear

Yeah, I crossed milestones too when I was younger. Not a baby, but when I was 8 I had severe acne all over my body like a teenager and my widsom teeth came in. GO ME!!!!! 

Mary Breitrick

MammaMel my child didnt walk til she was 13 months and didnt start sitting up til 10 months no child is stupid but even if a doc has medical degree doesnt make them any better its alot better for a child to be doing that in later in life by there 2 cuz if its before there one it does mean your child will have problems in school and other social events!

jfm1208 jfm1208

my son walked at 10 months I was walking at 8 and my 4 month old daughter is advanced(trying to walk when you hold her up step by step her dr was impressed) I didn't have problems in school due to developing too quickly, I had trouble in my early school years due to home life. High school, I didn't have trouble, had a huge group of friends and never had social son is very social and very smart, he has a little trouble w/ focusing, he's the youngest in his claa but otherwise has done well in school(he can do all the work). In fact most of my family walked early, my little cousin was 8 months, she's doing great in college and has the most wonderful bf and lots of friends. So I disagree w/ a child having "problems in school and other social events" just b/c they walk early.

nonmember avatar dani

just because your baby walks/crawls/sits up early does not mean they will be smart. Just because your baby does things slower does not mean they won't be smart. My oldest didn't walk until she was around 15 months old, and didn't talk until after she was 2 years old. Now that she is 6, and in school one of her teachers had her iq tested. The average for her age is around 100, she scored 124. where my other child did everything early, and has an average iq.

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