Kristin Cavallari Thinks Baby Clothes Can Be a Waste of Money

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Kristin CavallariShe may be a former reality TV star, but based on the fact that Kristin Cavallari buys inexpensive baby clothes -- it's obvious that she's way less diva-ish than most celebrity new moms.

Believe it or not, she even admits that any designer duds her son Camden has were given to him as gifts. She says, "All of his designer clothes have been presents from people. At first I was all into the outfits -- and some days I am -- but other days he’s just in pajamas. They grow out of [outfits] so quickly, so there’s no point in spending so much money."

OMG. You know who she sounds like? Me. Or you. Or like any other regular mom in America.

And just wait 'til you hear where she shops -- it'll make you relate to her even more.

When she confessed that designer clothes aren't her thing, I still expected her to drop a couple higher-end labels or names.

But I was blown away after hearing two of her favorite places to shop for her little guy are (wait for it) -- Carter's and Target.

Um, that's where I shop for my son too. (We're, like, twins or something.)

I love that even though Kristin has the means to shop anywhere she wants for baby clothes, she has the common sense to stick to stores that are reasonable. For the life of me, I've never understood why anyone, no matter how rich they are, shells out insane amounts of cash for clothes that will be worn for a month or so at best. And aside from their brief "shelf life," you can pretty much count on any piece of baby clothing you own being either spit up on or stained with strained peas as soon as you take the tags off.

Whether you're famous or not, it can't hurt to save a few bucks, and that's why every mom should stick to the basics and be practical when selecting their babies' wardrobes. They'll have plenty of time to empty their wallets on all things fashionable once their kids are older -- so might as well conserve your cash while you still can.

Do you buy designer baby clothes?


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nonmember avatar Samantha

LOVED reading this article. Never was a fan of Kristin in the past but she has grown on me lately. Expensive clothing for babies and older children is not worth it. You go Mary (And Kristin)!

mande... manderspanders

Designer baby clothes?! Are you kidding me?  Anything that *I* purchase for my baby boy will be from Goodwill, the thrift shop, or garage sales (and it isn't because I don't have the means to buy new). I'm not spending gobs of money on any NEW clothes (even from walmart) that will be outgrown or stained in weeks/months.  So far, I haven't had to buy anything - I bought him a piggy bank and some little golden books... I have had clothes, car seat w/2 bases,  bath chairs, exersaucer, swing, changing table, diaper bag, play mat, crib bumbers/blanket/sheet set, baby bjorn carrier, bottles and a bottle warmer all given to me by people who needed to get stuff out of their house.  And I haven't even had a baby shower yet.

So, my opinion is that it's really useless to spend on baby clothes or baby gear... mothers do it to feel better about themselves, not for their babies.  I'd rather save all the cash I can to buy a bigger house for my child to grow up in than spend lavishly on my first baby just because he's my first baby.

Hannah Short

The only designer baby clothes I buy are from Once Upon A Child. haha Give me rich people's second hand baby clothes and we're good to go! 

nonmember avatar Anna

@Hannah, same here!!

95 percent of my four month old's clothes are either handed down or gifted...and she's all set for the first year! The few pieces that I did actually buy came from once upon a child, and I have yet to stop receiving complements about how cute she's dressed.

nonmember avatar Anna

Oh and tj's. I "invested" ($8) in some cute organic cotton pjs (figured if she's going to spend most of her days in one outfit, might as well be comfy), and a nice dress for her baby blessing.

lalab... lalaboosh

We're pretty broke, so we don't get to do much shopping for clothes. Even if we could afford designer stuff I'd probably go to second hand shops for most stuff. I would probably buy new stuff sometimes if it happened to catch my eye, but that would still probably be stuff like Carter's. I might get a designer outfit for pics or a special occasion, but not often.

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