Beverley Mitchell Gives Baby Girl Adorable, Normal Name (Normal for Hollywood)

beverley mitchellFormer Seventh Heaven star and friend o' Jessica Biel, Beverley Mitchell, welcomed a baby girl into the world recently. Congrats! Babies! Yay! Mitchell and her husband Michael Cameron named their newest addition Kenzie Lynne, which, if you ask me, is an adorable and shockingly normal name for Hollyweird.

Apparently, Mitchell and Cameron had a few names for a baby girl in the hopper while Beverley was still pregnant, but waited until they laid eyes on their daughter to decide which one suited her best. "We want to meet her first," Mitchell told Us Weekly while she was pregnant. I've always admired couples who've waited to meet their child before bestowing a name. I mean, it kind of makes sense to meet a person before seeing which name suits them best. Not sure I'd be able to do it, but to those who do -- respect.

Anyway, back to the name. Kenzie. I think it's great. It's cute for a little girl, and pretty for an adult. Not sure if it's short for Mackenzie (also a sweet name), but I'm kind of hoping it's not. I'm really feeling Kenzie Lynne. Nice work, Beverley and Michael! Oh, and hey -- congrats!

What do you think of the name Kenzie?

Image via Janette Pellegrini/Getty

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Katriena Young

What a cute name!! Its so pretty and you're right, it is a normal name for Hollywood.

Donna Williams

That's a cute name. My daughter's middle name is Daveigh. 


Ash-W... Ash-Walker

My youngest nieces' name is Kenzie... Not short for anything

Laurie Crowson

It's adorable! Very fitting...

nonmember avatar christy

Love it. My daughter's name is Kenza.

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