'Girls' Star Shiri Appleby Gets Big Surprise at Baby's Birth

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Shiri appleby husband jon shookThe adorable Shiri Appleby who plays Natalia on HBO's Girls (Adam's love interest while on break from Hannah) gave birth to a surprise baby girl on March 23. She and her fiance chef Jon Shook decided they didn't want to know the baby's gender until she made her big entrance.

What's also exciting is Appleby (who you may also recognize as Liz on the show Roswell) said she plans on taking her little bundle to work with her for the filming of season 3 of the series. I love a baby-friendly workplace. Plus, she even gave her baby girl the most darling name that may be a nod to her character on Girls.

The baby's name is Natalie Bouader Shook. Natalie, Natalia -- very close. Bouader is her mother's maiden name.

The 34-year-old new mom talked about balancing motherhood as a working mom with WetPaint:

I think the one thing [I’ve] talked about with any mother who has a career and is trying to raise a child it’s like, how do you balance it? And I think like with any parent, you just want to protect your child and try to make the best decisions. The great thing about our job as actors is that you have beautiful trailers and lots of down time, and you can always bring a baby to work.

Ideal! Actress Jemima Kirke who plays Jenna on Girls is also a mom -- I'd bet they make that a very family-friendly set ... despite the racy content on the show.

Congrats to the happy family!

Did you decide to keep your baby's gender a surprise, too?


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Freela Freela

I didn't find out the gender for my three kids... I can understand why people know, but I loved getting the surprise at the end when dh got to tell me boy or girl!

mandy... mandy0812

Jessa*** :)

ericabb ericabb

No way, I had to know ASAP!  I don't know why, I just can't handle not knowing, LOL.  Plus, I didn't want a ton of gender-neutral clothing and that ended up being a good thing because my son was born with so much hair that people thought he was a girl.

nonmember avatar Amanda

Jessa, NOT Jenna. :)

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