Blue Ivy Haters Say She's Not as Pretty as Her Mama Beyonce

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I'll be the first one to say it's despicable and wrong that a baby is judged on her looks -- a female baby, of course, because no one would do that to a boy baby. However, when you're famous, it's just natural that your kid's looks are going to get judged. I'm not saying it's RIGHT. But it is going to happen, and if you think it's not, you're in denial. Famous people know that being famous means dealing with the media and public -- and having their kids have to deal with that too. Okay, this is all a long-winded way of saying that Beyonce's baby Blue Ivy looks like her daddy. A lot like her daddy. What does this mean for world peace?

Beyonce and Blue Ivy were photographed recently getting lunch in Brooklyn and it's one of the best photographs yet of Blue's little face.

She looks like daddy. Everyone says so. Everyone on the Internet anyway. And yeah, they don't necessarily say it so nicely. Look, I happen to think Blue Ivy is adorable. But she's adorable in a Jay-Z way. EVEN BEY SAYS SO!!

I can think of other celebrity babies with world-renowned beauties as mothers -- Jennifer Lopez, Michelle Williams come to mind -- whose daughters look just like daddy. Are we disappointed when the baby girl looks like daddy rather than beautiful mommy?

Of course I will be stoned if I say I think so, but there you have it. Yes, yes, I think so. When a woman's looks are praised the world over, when she's made millions and millions off them -- well, I'm sure there's a teensy eensy part of both mommy and daddy that would like a little of that pretty DNA to be passed down to their baby girl. Beauty is currency. Blue Ivy's mother has cashed in on it. Don't you want your daughter to have some currency in this world? Yes, it would be nice if only brains mattered, but it doesn't.

Is there anyone who won't admit that, deep down, they'd love it if their baby girl was beautiful? Of course, a pretty momma is no guarantee of a pretty baby -- but all babies are beautiful, blah blah. But if your mother was Beyonce, you wouldn't want to look like her? If your wife was Beyonce you wouldn't want your baby to look like your wife? Of course you would. Don't be daft.

Do you think Blue Ivy looks like Jay-Z or Bey?

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twili... twilightsbella

she looks just like her daddy. And i dnt knw why everyone puts this lil girl on a pedalstole. Shes just a baby and not to be mean but i speak the truth ive seen way cuter babies. Blueivy is not a cute baby to me. If i get bashed for this oh well sorry i have a right to my own opinion

N_mar... N_maricle

No offense to Jay-z fans, but he is a very ugly man. Talented but ugly. What do people expect his child to look like? 

Eny2atl Eny2atl

Jay-z is not ugly and neither is Blue Ivy! I guess if a person has typical African features they are considered ugly. Why am I not surprised?

eye rolling

Serab... Serabelle

Who cares if right now she looks like daddy? I looked a lot like my father when I was little, but now I look just like my mom.what she looks like as a baby has no bearing on what she'll look like when she's old enough for looks to matter. Plus, kids that aren't as "pretty" generally have better personalities as adults because they have to earn their friends, people don't automatically flock to them for their looks. To bash this baby is mean and not ok.

cmjaz cmjaz

Jay z is an ugly man. I think his baby is cute though

Coles... Coles_mom

A perfect example of this is Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown. Hate to say it....but it's true.

Jay Z is ugly as hell.

Coles... Coles_mom

Oh...and JLo and Michelle Williams's children had attractive(ish) dads-- so those aren't good comparisons.


She looks like her father.  Which in my opinion (that matters not one bit) is not a good thing.  Look, gorgeous people can have ugly kids, and vice versa.

Not all babies are adorable.  It's just a fact of life, whether you're famous (or have famous parents) or not.


She has her mother's eyes and her baby-fat cheeks and kissy-puckered lips reminds me of her dad...she is beautiful

tuffy... tuffymama

All babies are blessings. Some are prettier than others, but saying a child is ugly says more about your heart than it does about the child's face. I know the parents are putting themselves out there and they can take the heat, but that child has no choice in the matter. None. Just consider that when you talk about what she LOOKS like. For all anyone knows, she is a little angel of a child, and will grow to be a great lady one day, IF she doesn't have total strangers tearing her down from the get go. Poor child. All the money in the world can't hold back such nasty bitterness and hatred. I hope she never sees or hears that anyone has said such mean things about her AS AN INFANT.

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