Starting Your Baby on Solid Food?


My friend Cafe Kim over in the Food & Party Buzz has posted a great interview with Annabel Karmel, author of First Meals Food Diary, in which Annabel shares her top tips for getting babies to eat healthy food. She's got the advice broken down into two categories: Babies (1-6 months) and Babies (6-12 months), which is really helpful. Take a look at the post, and if you like what you see, put Annabel's book on your holiday wishlist!

solid food


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Katie... KatieCrandall

I'm waiting to see how many Mom's jump in with the "No foods for babies under six months!"

I plan on making my son's food myself, so I'm very interested in this book!  I'm not, however, anxious to get him started on foods as he's already growing up too fast, lol!  He gets a little bit of rice cereal each day and we're starting oatmeal, but anything beyond that scares me!

Jamee... Jameelalove

haha im not one of the mothers who say "no food under 6 months" My sons 4months and weighs 18lbs 8oz hes starting to use a spoon but im only feeding him rice ceral right now. Im so gonna go get this book cause my son tries to use the spoon while giving me the "you must be crazy your making me work for food!" look.

sweet... sweetmissy_05

I started my daughter on solid foods (baby cereal and fruit) when she was 3 months old because the formula wasn't satisfying her enough.  I spoke with WIC and her doctor and they said that if it will work better for her to try her on it.  She did really well and it didn't bother her stomach.  Now she's almost 8 months old and on fruits, veggies, and meats, and does wonderful.  Every baby is different and if I had waiting till she was 6 months old she would have been one very hungry girl!  She's a big girl too so maybe that's why!

Lexsi... LexsiesMommy

around 4-5 months old i started with baby cereal mixed with formula.....really runny like, 


it is still her fave thing out of veggies or fruits, 

now i add just a tiny bit of sugar...its really sticky stuff!

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