'Teen Mom' Leah Messer Calvert Suffers the Consequences of Her 'Weird' Baby Name Choice

Leah Messer Calvert Us Weekly coverPoor Leah Messer Calvert! This was supposed to be the Teen Mom 2 star's big week. She and husband Jeremy Calvert were introducing their new baby, Adalynn Faith Calvert, to the world. They even got a big magazine spread (and we're guessing a nice chunk of change). 

But here she is spending the whole week correcting every media report out there on how to spell the baby's name. Whoops!


The problem started when US Weekly spelled the little girl's name with two "d"s instead of one, and just spiraled from there. Leah has had to turn to social media to make the correction.

Sounds like the Teen Mom just got a taste of what happens when you decide you need your baby's name to be insanely "unique."

Granted, it's not her first bite at the apple. Her older daughters are named Aleeah and Aliannah. Not exactly traditional, or traditionally spelled.

But she sure as heck better get used to correcting people. And she has no one to blame but herself.

Worse, she's doomed her kids to years and years of frustration.

Folks, we can go back and forth for hours about baby names in America. Some folks think unique is grand; some folks are all about the plain Jane. And then there are those of us who try to find a middle road.

I'll put it right out there: my husband and I wanted a name that wasn't being used by every other parent out there, but we didn't want to saddle our kid with something "weird."

We accomplished it, we think, with Jillian. I'm sure plenty of folks out there hate the name. It's OK; it's no skin off my nose.

At least it's a name most people can look at and easily pronounce. At least it's a name most people can spell.

It's nice being unique; I get it! But it's also a giant pain in the rear end.

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I say this as a girl with a relatively "normal" name who has spent 30 years on this planet correcting people. My parents went with the French spelling of Jeanne because it's technically the female version. And day in and day out, I get Gene. Jean. Ge-anne. Janine. Joan. Jane.

I'm not mad at my parents; I actually like my name. But then, it's relatively "normal." It wasn't something my parents completely made up just to be "unique." They weren't playing a game with something as important as the name I will have for the rest of my life.

Do I feel sorry for Leah that she's stuck re-spelling little Adalynn's name? Nope. She did this to herself. 

And the truth is, parents aren't the ones who usually bear the brunt of a weird baby name. Typically it's the kid, who will have to deal with it for the rest of their natural born life.

It's about time a parent saw the ramifications of putting form over function.

What do you think of Leah's baby names? Think this is a wake-up call or will we see more of this from the Teen Mom?


Image via US Weekly

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