7 Best Eco-Friendly Diapers

Adriana Velez | Mar 19, 2013 Baby
7 Best Eco-Friendly Diapers

honest diapersYou want to save the planet, but you've got this baby who poops a lot. What's a mom to do? Try some eco-friendly diapers! There are loads of options out there now, ranging from cloth to totally disposable, and I've tried almost all of them. (Well, except for that no-diaper "elimination communication" option.) Here are seven earth-friendly diapers, with how much they cost, what makes them green, and how to tell if they're the right diapers for you.

  • Classic Cloth Diapers


    Classic cloth diapers: Around $15 for a 10-pack, plus around $7 for two diaper covers.

    Why it's green: You don't throw anything away.

    Choose if: You have the time to do loads upon loads of laundry, or you can afford a diaper service. You want to save money. You don't mind leaks because you never leave the house (all that laundry). Also, you have the ability to ignore that nagging voice that pesters you about all the heat and water you're using to wash those diapers over and over again. Oh -- and that diaper service may use bleach, so there's that. The upside is, after you give up on them, you can use them as burping cloths.

  • Fitted Cloth Diapers


    Fitted cloth diapers: About $50 for a pack of 3.

    Why it's green: You don't throw anything away.

    Choose if: You want more protection and something prettier than classic cloth diapers. See all other caveats about classic cloth diapers. You will still need to use a diaper cover with these.

  • gDiapers


    gDiapers: $39.99 for a starter bundle that includes 2 diaper covers and a package of 40 inserts.

    Why it's green: Reusable diaper covers with disposable, flushable, or compostable inserts.

    Use if: You have the time to wash a few diaper covers, but not the time or money to wash cloth diapers. Also for design-savvy moms -- the simple design is very chic.

  • Seventh Generation Diapers


    Seventh Generation Diapers: Around $9.99 to $24 for a pack of 40.

    Why it's green: No fragrances, latex, petroleum-based lotions, or chlorine processing.

    Choose if: You want to minimize your baby's exposure to toxins, but can't deal with cloth or other high-maintenance diaper solutions. These have a solid reputation for being leak-free.

  • Bambo Nature Diapers


    Bambo Nature Diapers: $12.50 for a case of 24 diapers.

    Why they're green: Bambo's site says it offers "natural and allergen-free baby products with ingredients certified to be safe and eco-friendly by Ecocert, Asthma-Allergy Denmark, and the Nordic Swan."

    Choose if: You want the convenience of disposable diapers without exposing your child to toxins and you want to save the environment. Also, you're obsessive about details -- this company gives you every last detail you could ever want to know about the materials in its diapers.

  • Tushies Diapers


    Tushies Diapers: Around $43 for a pack of 22 diapers, if you can get them.

    Why they're green: They're made from non-chlorine bleached wood pulp from sustainable, renewable, family-owned forests. They're also gel-free, latex-free, dye-free, perfume-free, TBT-free, GMO-free.

    Choose if: You're worried about gels in diapers (apparently that's a thing) and ... you're magic. Alas, despite having a major cult following among crunchy moms, this diaper has been discontinued! But you can sign a petition asking for its comeback.

  • Honest Diapers


    Honest Diapers: Around $14 for a pack of 25-40.

    Why it's green: Made from non-toxic, sustainably harvested chlorine-free pulp. Core is made from BIO-based wheat/corn, which reduces the need for gel. No added fragrances, lotions, or irritating chemicals.

    Choose if: You love Jessica Alba -- Honest is her green baby products line. You're also style-savvy and love the cute patterns (little skulls!). Also, this seems to be a pretty good compromise for moms who want to avoid gel, though it's still not completely gel-free.

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