Katie Holmes Should Have Another Kid -- for Suri's Sake

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katie holmesIt's been a rough year for Katie Holmes. Filing for divorce from hubby Tom Cruise last summer set off an avalanche of scandalous headlines alluding to a marriage contract, a pre-nup payday, and fleeing the creepy grasp of Scientology. Now settled into a relatively quiet life in New York City with daughter Suri, she has clearly put that craziness behind her. The biggest sign that the ex Mrs. Cruise has moved on? Katie is ready to have more kids. And that can only mean one very important thing.

Suri will have a little sister or brother! Just how soon, however, remains to be seen. When Allure magazine asked about her family plans, she said:

I don't know. I'm open to it.

Okay. So that doesn't exactly mean she's checking her ovulation schedule just yet. But fact is, the idea of having more doesn't freak her out. That's incredibly good news for Suri. Being an only child can be very lonely. I know from experience. I used to be so envious of my friends with siblings. There was clearly a bond there that I could never really understand. Of course there were times they hated each other and argued, but underneath any childish friction, there was a lot of love there. And no matter where the family traveled to, they always had each other for company.

But having a live-in playmate isn't the only perk. The real pay-off comes later in life. Both my husband and I are only children and I can't tell you how many times we've wished we had grown up with a brother or sister. Now that our parents are older, it would be nice to have someone else to lean on and help take care of them. It's that reality that makes me want to have another child. I don't want my son to deal with us aging on his own.

Having a sibling could be especially great for Suri. Her life is so unlike most kids in this world. She made news even before she was born and I have no doubt the press and paparazzi will be in hot pursuit for her entire life. She also faces the added burden of not knowing who her real friends are. When you are the child of Hollywood royalty, sometimes it's hard to figure out who likes you for you. With a sibling, she will have someone who shares her crazy life and hopefully loves her unconditionally.

Is it better to have siblings or to be an only child?


Check out Katie's Allure shoot:

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nonmember avatar Meg

I am the oldest of 2 children and I will tell you this... I wish I were an only child. Having a sibling isn't sugar and rainbows. Everyone I have talked to has admitted their relationship with their siblings was barely civil at best. Even as adults not a single person I know has a close relationship with siblings.

tuffy... tuffymama

I love my siblings! I would be so sad to be an only, I think. I sometimes feel a twinge of (misplaced) guilt because my sons are fifteen years apart. I tried to have them closer together. *sigh* I know people who are only children and they are and were happy that way, but I know a couple of friends who are well into adulthood and they still long for siblings.

Idrea... Idreamofwires

I'm an only, and believed I should have baby 2 for the sake of baby 1.  Maybe it works for some, but in my case, my daughter would have been happier and mentally healthier had she remained an only child.  Some kids never get over the birth of a sibling, and some are affected so deeply that the experience negatively changes who they would have become.

TheTr... TheTruthTeller

I am one of four and I love it. I wouldn't have it any other way. My brothers are the best men I know (except for my husband)!

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