Craziest Advice New Moms Have Gotten on Caring for Baby (Some of It Even Works!)

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big eyed babySigh. What is it about a baby that makes everyone and their mother (literally) want to give you random pieces of advice on how you should or should not be parenting your child? It's like seeing those chubby little cheeks and 10 tiny fingers and toes suddenly makes people go into expert mode -- and they just can't resist getting all preachy whenever you're within an earshot.

Granted, sometimes the baby advice family, friends, and even strangers offer can be quite good and useful. But other times, it can sound downright wacky or unthinkable.

Like putting Vaseline on a Q-tip and sticking it in your baby's butt to help relieve constipation. Yes, someone actually advised me to do this, and while I kind of poo-pooed it (hee hee hee) at first, I finally broke down and gave it a shot when my poor baby boy was backed up to the point of no return and I was all out of options. And guess what? It worked like a charm.

About 10 seconds after I put the tip of that cotton swab in, he pooped to his heart's content, and all was right with the world again.

I guess sometimes even the wackiest advice can come in handy, but then again, some of it just seems way too "out there" to try.

I asked some other fellow parents about the craziest piece of baby advice they ever received -- and gathered up some real doozies, like these little gems.

"Put whiskey on the baby's gums to help them with teething pain....needless to say I did not try it!" -- @MacKidSuze

"My West Indian babysitter told me to put a red string on the baby's forehead to cure hiccups (I just Googled it, I guess it's a common suggestion). I did try it. It didn't work." -- @Anna_Sandler

"To gently tip the baby backwards/nearly upside down to see if they are 'off' in their spine alignment (they will turn their head to one side if they are off) ... it has worked several times but I always let the chiropractor do it! LOL (NOTE: it's a very gentle and fully supported dip backwards for just a few seconds!)" -- @ayearwithmomdad

"That I should sleep my newborn on her stomach with a pillow under her head to make her cheeks less chubby. Funny, because I think chubby cheeks are cute!" -- Sarah

"Flip the baby upside down by its feet so its liver doesn't grow to his/her back." -- @mskilgore41809

"For teething, I was told by someone to give her ice cubes. Um, what about choking?" -- Catherine, The Stir

"When your baby is fussy for no reason and crying....Scream really loud and make a scary face. You will then scare the baby to stop that behavior." -- My Sensational Kid

"I was told to put a piece of lint from the baby's blanket on her forehead to stop hiccups. This was from a Target clerk! Haven't tried it but I will when she starts to hiccup!" -- Meegan

"Everyone kept telling me to try to get my baby on a schedule, which I now realize is insane for an infant! Babies will obviously make their own schedules – worrying about having your baby do certain things at certain times will drive any mom bonkers." -- Nicole, The Stir

"To give my newborn coke to stop reflux." -- My Cherubs & Me

"This was a weird one a mom told me: Don’t hold up your baby and let him practice standing or walking because it could make him bow-legged." -- Adriana, The Stir

"When my cousin had her son they were living in Germany (her husband is Air Force), and the German women all told her to drink a beer to help with her milk letdown." -- Jeanne, The Stir

"If the baby is up all night and asleep all day turn the baby 3 times in his crib at bedtime." -- @momatplay

"My MIL told me to give my newborn water for the hiccups. She was 3 days old! It's the 'old fashioned' way. Didn't do it!" -- @MyMotherfulLife

"Use cloth diapers and the ones with just pee, use them to wipe the baby's skin because it will make it soft. NEVER tried!!" -- @Solosngr

What's the craziest piece of baby advice you've ever received? Did you try it? Did it work?


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Cayla Gunter

I think it's pretty funny that a lot of these moms find a lot of this advice weird, when my son's pediatrician has said to do some of these things, and fyi if you do let your infant under 6 months of age stand for too long it will make them bowlegged, its proven in a lot of practices lol

Cayla Gunter

O, and you can put your baby on a schedule, everyone I know including myself did it to our children.

linzemae linzemae

Beer does increase milk production

insei... inseineangel

The pee diaper one isn't all that far fetched. A lot of mosturizing lotions and hand creams have and ingredient, Urea, which, of course, is derived from urine. I wouldn't do it, but it's not totally crazy.

What is crazy is the people who suggest drinking your pee. Yeah, you can tell me about all the health benefits til your blue in the face, but there is no way in hell I'm going to partake of my own fluids...



nonmember avatar Jazzie

When my daughter was a newborn, she had a bad case of hiccups while my father was visiting. He suggested that I dab a moist finger into some sugar, and let the baby suck it off the finger. Damned if it didn't work. She'd had the hiccups for over a day by this point, so I was thrilled that it worked.

FireM... FireMoonGypsy

I was advised to put breast milk on my baby's sensitive skin because it would nourish it and help the redness from baby acne ( my little girl's skin couldn't handle even the non fragrance organic moisturizes at first). I did it, it worked! No more dry skin and she wasn't suffering from the irritation the other lotions caused. 


Some of these examples aren't that strange; I did the beer trick to get my milk to come in and it worked very well!

Lnz Prazak

whiskey on their gums was a pretty common practice til the invention of modern reliefs. Your babies are getting drunk from rubbing a little alcoholic beverage on their gums, its numbing.

nonmember avatar CrystalMP

Both of my kids were on schedules that they still adhere to and they are 2 and 4 now. Or maybe I just had easy babies?

Heath... HeatherJo11

The beer trick works. My friends AMERICAN Dr. even advised it when she was having milk production issues. Its not just a "bizarre" german practice. Parents letting/encouraging babies to stand too early will temporarily bow their legs, though they generally out grow it by 2 or 3. I know cause I have an early walker little bow legged toddler. Though heis starting to grow out of it slowly. My sons Dr. concluded it was from our encouraging his standing way too early. Some of these are a little crazy but some of them are definitely not. And the whiskey on gums does work, it was done for years before modern social standards deemed it unacceptable, which I understand. I never tried it though I know I lived through it. Lol.

Heath... HeatherJo11

Oh and babies on schedules is awesome. Mommy gets to sleep at normal times & babies are happier & nobody wants to tear their hair out. Not sure why that's so outlandish.

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