Organic Baby Food Might Not Be More Nutritious, But I’m Still Buying It

baby eatingSince it's been what, oh, 30 seconds since there was something controversial regarding babies, here's a lovely little nugget for you: Some experts are saying that organic baby food may not be more nutritious for your little one -- just more expensive.

According to Tiffani Hays, the director of pediatric nutrition at the Johns Hopkins Children’s Center, "The variety of foods and nutrients that babies take in will have a much larger impact on their health than whether they’re fed organic or not. Vitamins, minerals, and fiber have much better research and documented health benefits than does choosing organic."

Okay, be that as it may, it can't hurt to buy organic, can it? And why does everyone hate organic food all of a sudden?


I'm certainly not going to argue with a person who holds the title of "Director of Pediatric Nutrition", and I definitely think that feeding children a wide variety of foods from the start isn't just the healthy thing to do, it's the smart thing -- of course we all want kids who are willing to try different things! But when it comes to my baby, I'm sticking to organic, because that's what I think is best for her. No, I won't swoop in like a lunatic and swat away an inorganic apple that's within a five-mile radius of my daughter; but from what I've read and learned, organic food has less toxins than "traditionally" grown food -- and that's important to me. Not to mention, feeding your baby organic doesn't have to break the bank.

I make most of my daughter's food (I know, la di freaking da!), and do you have any idea how many meals you can get out of one butternut squash? The kid is just shy of 11 months old -- I'm not exactly feeding a football team. Or a bag of organic apples -- simply prepare the batch and then freeze. Boom, done. Food for days.

On occasion, I do buy packets and jars of organic baby food -- and not only because, like I said, it's what I'm comfortable with, but because there's some really great flavor combinations in the "hippie" packs of food. I mean, come on, what are the odds of you making apple plum kamut? In fact, some may even say these packets offer a really nice variety -- which is good for babies, too, now isn't it?

Do you feed your baby organic food?

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