9 Diaper Bag Essentials You’d Better Make Sure You Have!


The following is a post from our sponsor, Pampers.

When you have a new baby, your diaper bag is basically your lifeline to anything and everything you might need while out and about. Is yours as fully stocked as it should be? Check your bag against our list!

Diapers. Duh, right? Seems obvious enough, but you can’t just bring one or two diapers, because that all but guarantees baby will have at least three consecutive poops within the span of 30 minutes the second you arrive at your destination (or worse, en route to your destination). So pack as many as you think you’ll need for the span of time, and add a few more for good measure. Pampers Swaddlers even have a wetness indicator (with sizes newborn, 1, and 2) so you won’t waste any diapers on a “Wait, was he really wet?” diaper change.

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Changing pad. If you take this out to use at home or a friend’s house, ALWAYS check that you’ve put it back in the bag before you go anywhere!

Wipes. Both baby wipes for diaper changes and antibacterial hand wipes for everything else.

Diaper rash ointment. Because even if he has no rash now, if your baby has a stealth poop while he’s snoozing in his stroller, he could well end up with a touchy tush before you’re back home. May as well travel equipped to provide relief if necessary!

Small trash bags and/or zipper-top bags. For dirty diapers, dirty clothes, and more.

Pacifiers. Again, like diapers, it’s best to over pack these because you just never know. One might be flung out of the car seat in a fit of rage only to disappear forever under the front passenger seat. “But we’ll be near a pharmacy,” you say. “We can always buy one.” No, because the pharmacy will of course not have in stock the only binky junior takes. Bring an extra or two from home.

Bottles and/or breastfeeding gear. Baby will need to eat, so have bottles and formula on hand (more than you think you’ll need, just in case), or any breastfeeding items you’ll need for feedings (receiving blanket to roll up if you need extra support, a bottle of water for mom, etc.).

Burp cloths. Even if your baby’s not a spitter, these can be indispensable (think emergency changing pad, for one). Stuff one or two in a corner of the bag, more if your baby likes to share her dinner with you after she’s eaten.

Spare clothes -- and not just for baby. Yes, of course you’ll pack a spare outfit or two for your little one. But do yourself a favor and pack an extra shirt somewhere for yourself in the event you get spat up on (or worse).

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