Dad Builds Insanely Fast Stroller His Wife Definitely Didn't Ask For (VIDEO)

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fast pramPoor men. They often feel kind of useless during pregnancy. I mean, there's their baby mama, doing all the incubating, and they just stand back and watch the whole thing happen. Some expecting dads try to help -- they shop for baby gear, they paint the nursery, they give back rubs. We like it when dads do that. Good work, dads! Keep doing stuff like that!

Other dads... well, it's like they don't quite understand what this whole baby business is about. Take new dad Colin Furze. He just spent a whole lotta time and energy creating the world's fastest stroller. Wowee, Colin! Thank you for providing the very thing your baby does NOT need: Speed. What's next, a fire-breathing stuffed bear?

Colin's gas-powered mega-pram goes 53 miles an hour and no, his wife has not allowed him to put their baby in there. This is just another silly project that serves no purpose, from a man who is clearly feeling envious of woman's ability to create life. Guys, you will never be able to compete with us! We've nailed it. WE. MAKE. LIFE. Now go back to staining the new rocker.

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Oh well. Hope Colin devotes as much energy and passion to putting together the crib as he does this stroller. It's a good thing Colin's so cute, right? Anyone want a ride? Watch this baby thingy fly!

Did your husband help prepare for the baby or did he dig into totally useless projects like this one?


Image via Colinfurze/YouTube

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Taisie Taisie

lol, gotta love the look on his face though! Priceless!

Elizabeth Warren

Might not use it for the baby, but walking home after a trip to the grocer, that its something that would be awesome to have for that purpose

Panda... PandaPop83

sorry, but no. We do not make life. We can't even create it on our own. We need these bozos to reproduce. Fathers are just not that knowledgeable when it comes to what kids need. Well, most of them aren't. Sorry Dad, but that 53 mph stroller is more for you than it is ever for your baby.

Jen Chabot Brouillard

Lol Richard! While I wouldn't put my child in it......I can definitely see the awesomeness in it!

MaoChow MaoChow

Epic coolness!!! 

Lindsey Whitaker

He will be an awesome dad; one who encourages creativity within his child and does awesome experiments, projects, etc with his child. Fun times are in store for this mama!

Honey... Honeybee1981

I am pretty sure this is a joke.

babyb... babybump122

i would never put my baby is something like that 

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