Kids Save 12-Week-Old Baby's Life With CPR -- Could You? (VIDEO)

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cprSo, you brought your baby home from the hospital, and you're finally getting the hang of this new mom thing. Think you are the best mom ever? Well that all depends. Do you know baby CPR?

Georgia mother Susanna Rohm sure wishes she did. When her 12-week-old little boy stopped breathing recently it wasn't Rohm who saved the little guy's life. Her neighbors, Rocky Hurt, 9, and Ethan Wilson, 10, had to put her through the CPR steps to bring little Isaiah back.

The story has a happy ending; the kids were able to talk the hysterical Rohm through the process thanks to posters that hang in their elementary school that detail the life-saving procedure. Isaiah began to breathe again quickly, and paramedics took him to a hospital where he was diagnosed with sleep apnea.

My heart goes out to Rohm, but I'm glad she's been willing to share her scary tale because it stands to shake up other moms like her, moms who have never bothered to learn infant CPR.

Is that you? Would you have to cross your fingers and pray that there were some smart neighbor kids nearby if your baby stopped breathing?

It doesn't have to be. Here's how to prepare yourself to protect your baby:

1. Take a course. The American Heart Association and American Red Cross as well as many maternity wards and even some pediatrician's offices regularly hold CPR training courses. Most courses are in person, but there are also online opportunities.

2. Don't have time or a sitter so you can go attend a class? The American Heart Association has a personal learning program called Infant CPR Anytime that it makes available to new parents and other caregivers. The kit costs $34.95 and can be used by multiple learners. It even comes with a DVD in English and Spanish.

3. Get an app. There are now a number of apps on the market that will walk you through the CPR process. Make sure you find one that comes from a reputable institution and specifically addresses how to treat an infant rather than an adult. The University of Washington School of Medicine has one that's free.

4. No time OR money for a course? At least brush up on the steps! The National Institute of Health includes a 10-step first aid process on its website, or this video from the University of Washington School of Medicine can get you started:

Could you do what those boys did? Could you save a baby's life?


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youth... youthfulsoul

I'm more amazed that there are people out there still who don't know CPR.

youth... youthfulsoul

But yes great story and it's awesome the young boys could save a life.

LolaLoo LolaLoo

Awesome job on the kids part! I knew CPR when I was 5/6 years old, haha

LostS... LostSoul88

they should require parents take CPR and basic first aid before they leave the hospital with their baby. It only takes a couple hours to learn. 

Jennifer Kralick Bouchard

My son was premature and in hospital for awhile, I took baby a CPR class , before he came home

Amanda Solita Shovlin

I agree with a previous poster. They SHOULD require you to take a infant and child CPR class after delivery. They made me watch a video on how to give a baby a bath, cause it's so darn hard to bath a baby lol how bout they do something that is useful and can save a life


nurse... nursemama88

I think everyone parent or not should know basic CPR and first aid. I actually got my first CPR liscense in high school. And DO NOT take an online class that is just stupid.

babys... babysugars2006

Infant CPR is one of the things required of you to learn before leaving the hospital. How is it this mom idn't do that? Its only a video and if you cant pay attention for an hour, then you're saying your child isnt worth that 1 hour of your life....Ya its kind of a mundane video but ya know what? I watched it and made mental note of every detail of life-saving info given.

Even if the hospital didnt offer the vid.....she could have asked.  Ask for info on how to potentally save your baby's life!

People stop with the "I know it all, Im smarter than you" crap and humble yourself. Start saying "Teach me".

starl... starlighthippie

I used to be a lifeguard, but I could use a refresher. Thanks for the reminder.

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