Babies Can Be Mean & Here's Proof!

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baby fistIf someone had told me that there were "mean babies" before I'd given birth, I wouldn't have believed it. How can a sweet widdle baby be mean? They're cute! And cuddly! And OMG, did I mention cuuuuuute?

Of course, then I had a baby. And I found out what researchers at the University of British Columbia's Centre for Infant Cognition have now confirmed: some babies really are mean. Heck, read between the lines of their new study, and you get the sense of something every mother has thought but not dared say aloud.

Sometimes our babies are @--holes.

Hey, I didn't say it! The research did! According to the scientists, babies show social biases. They even gravitate to people who are mean to people who are "different" from them.

Uh huh, see what I mean? Babies can be @--holes! But we didn't reaaaaally need a study to tell us that, did we? Just look at some of the times Moms have secretly though their widdle bundles of love were being big ol' jerks:

1. I swear my daughter would wait to poop in her diaper until just AFTER I'd changed it! 

2. My son would scream and carry on during every bath. At least, every bath I gave him! When my mother was over, he'd coo like he was in heaven, and I had to get that "look" from her.

3. My middle son cried every time I held him. He would stop if I put him down or handed him to his dad. At 11, he is still much like this. I think he hated me from birth!

4. My daughter liked to hit me and then just sit there staring at me, waiting for a reaction.

5. Hello? Doesn't every kid play the "throw it" game, where they throw something JUST so you have to pick it up, and then they burst into tears right after THEY threw it? Babies are totally manipulative!

6. I get that being locked into a car seat is probably unpleasant, but did my daughter really have to kick me right in the sternum to show how much she dislikes it? That had to be on purpose.

7. My son loved to put his fingers in my hair when he was nursing. I thought it was cute up until I was trying to wean him. He would actually pull on my hair so hard I cried!

8. My son was a really curious crawler. He was into everything, and I know he was just investigating his new world. But he used to get this smirk on his face every time he'd yank a plug out of the wall. It was like he knew he shouldn't do it, and he'd do it anyway.

All right, all right, so maybe our babies aren't really @--holes, but every mom needs something to giggle about, don't we?!

So be honest ... when has your baby made you stop and wonder if they were being a jerk on purpose?


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CAP1015 CAP1015

Is it just me or does this read terribly similar to thos inane crap blogs by Kate Gosselin.

So if you write LOL or "something to giggle about" after basically saying terrible things it's ok?

Jeanne sometimes you suck balls as a blogger, LOL..........I'm giggling.


Tommy... Tommyskitty

I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that someone can call any baby a "@--hole" and think it's funny. That's just sad. I get that they can be brats sometimes, but to call them that? I would think it's the "parent" with the mean streak, not the baby.

nonmember avatar April

Cute! I'm glad not all parents take themselves too seriously

NatAndCo NatAndCo

I won't say my boys are assholes but they do have asshole moments. Like one of my twins thinks the funniest thing in the world is to torture his brother when he's sleeping. I mean smacking him in the head, trying to pull out his eyelashes, tugging on his ears etc. while his brother thinks its funny to push his brother off the chair.

nonmember avatar Erin

sounds like it's just your kids that fit this description... my child and all of her little friends are certainly not A-holes and I really can't believe you would say that any baby is regardless of what they're doing. Kids mimic learned behaviours, maybe a look in the mirror is what you need and your kids need, rather than a blog about what little jerks they are to you. Ridiculous article

amiec... amiecanflie

It's a lighthearted article. Keep calm everyone!

My son loves to make sure he needs to pee RIGHT RIGHT NOW whenever I'm using the bathroom. At least 1-2 times a day.  

CAP1015 CAP1015

I'm not bashing her for her humor or taking myself too seriously.  I'm bashing her for the way she writes and what she wrote. I'm ok with funny, cutting edge, not here to edit, BUT while some may find it cute, it has undertones of Kate Gosselin type behaviour of "as a mom" I should never have to deal with things and if I do, the kids are az*holes, they're mean, yada, yada..........I think it would've been much funnier and made a better point if it were written in regards to kids being unpredictable, seeming to be intent on causing issues, etc...........might just be me, but I can't find the cute/funny, I just see someone complaining about their children..........and kids can be a pain, but they are a great joy..........

onefo... onefootcutiepie

..........I think kids take after their parents.......

Saerise Saerise

Sounds like my sister.

Dani Madden

I think these replies are better then the post....I think I may be an a**hole. 

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