New Vaccine Given to Babies at Birth May Prevent Scary Illnesses

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vaccineDrop the word vaccine in a room full of moms, and you might want to dive for cover. But ladies, I'm going to do it anyway. There's talk of a new "supervaccine" being designed for babies ... and it could be the answer to every new mom's prayers.

It's not a vaccine with a cape (come on, you know you thought it too), but the supervaccine docs at Harvard and Boston Children’s Hospital are trying to get off the ground could make them superheroes anyway. Imagine spending the first two months of your baby's life NOT terrified of germs. It almost sounds too good to be true!

But maybe it's not.

Supervaccine researchers have identified a small synthetic molecule called VTX-294 that they say stimulates a "strong immune response in samples of protective white cells taken from the umbilical cord blood of newborns." The hope is they could give this to freshly born newborns to protect them from the types of diseases that kids typically won't get shots for until at least 2 months old.

Key word here is "hope." The supervaccine is not out on the market yet, and who knows if it ever will be.

But that doesn't mean moms can't think about their options should it make it to hospitals. Would you want another needle jabbed in your kiddo's flesh just hours after birth? I remember signing off on the Hep B vaccine for my newborn with mixed emotions -- I wanted her to be protected, but the thought of taking this perfect new baby and already injecting her with chemicals wasn't easy to swallow.

I can't imagine moms will be super excited to have MORE chemicals being shot into baby's bloodstream.

And yet, I remember those days before my daughter started getting her shots on the regular. I'm not a germophobe, but I still grabbed for a blanket to cover my daughter's face when the old man one cash register over at the grocery store started hacking up a lung.

Diseases like whooping cough, pneumonia, and rotavirus don't just make babies sick. They KILL kids! And the number of parents opting out on vaccines entirely have made the world a much more dangerous place for infants.

Going back to birth, if there had been a supervaccine in place to keep my kid safe, I'd have sucked it up and said "yes." How about you?

Would you opt for a supervaccine at birth that could keep your baby safe? Why or why not?


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aeneva aeneva

No I would not give it to my children.

Sirena Robinson

I absolutely would not. I gave Hep B, HIB, DTAP and MMR. I opted out of rotavirus, pneumonia, chicken pox, and prevnar. I will NEVER give vaccines of convenience, and the only way rota kills kids is if the parents pay absolutely no attention to them and their medical condition. My daughter had rotavirus(before she was old enough for the vaccine) and she just needed some extra attention for a few days to make sure she didn't get dehydrated. After experiencing it, the risks of the vaccine versus the risks of the sickness didn't weigh out in the favor of the vaccine.

miche... micheledo

Honestly, isn't that a bit creepy? Injecting synthetic molecules into a newborn to force their brand new immune system to react? Before they even get a chance for their little bodies immune system to react to somethingnaturally occuring!!!

peanu... peanutsmommy1

Nope, we would not be getting it!

the4m... the4mutts

No I would not. Breastfeeding gives the baby immune boosters. I dont get any vaccines except dtap & hep. None of the others. Only about 50 kids a year die from those other illnesses, and, sad to say, they die because parents dont know enough/dont pay close enough attention, to know when to take the child to the hospital.

There is no need for injecting chemicals into kids to prevent typical childhood illness. Getting the illness naturally is better for them in most cases.

No need to inject a sweet, innocent, healthy newborn with synthetic CRAP.

the4m... the4mutts

Oh, and HIB, I get them that one.

Halfa... Halfadozmom

Had to sign saying NO to Hep B shot at birth. Had to fill in reason for why refusing shot. Wrote "she will not be having sex or handling blood and or blood products" made the nurse laugh and say, hmmm.... True. why do newborns need hep b protection?

nonmember avatar Stella

I would absolutely get the vaccine for my kids... once it's been tested and found to be safe. Until then, no.

Katy Khan

I'm all for fully vaxxing kids but I'd have to say I'd opt out of something like this as it seems to be merely for convenience, not life saving or quality of life saving.

nicki... nicki.hemingway

No way in hell.  Babies die from the shots that are given now.

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