2-Month-Old Dies After His Father Gives Him a Kiss

baby handIn what has to be about the saddest, most devastating story I've heard in a long time -- a 2-month-old baby died after his father kissed him, something pretty much every parent does to their baby every single day.

Carl Maclaren never thought twice about giving his newborn baby Kaiden a kiss. And why would he? Moms and dads kiss their babies all the time, because it's instinctive.

But when doctors informed him and Kaiden's mother that their precious baby had contracted the herpes simplex virus, or the cold sore virus, they were faced with the realization that it had been passed on to him from Carl's lips.

The poor baby spent six weeks on life support, and then tragically died of organ failure at the age of 2 months.

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All because his father did what he was supposed to do -- love his child and give him oodles of kisses without any sort of hesitation.

As a mother who has kissed my own child straight from birth more times than I can count, I can't even begin to imagine the heartbreak these poor parents felt knowing something so innocent and sweet took the life of their baby boy.

The child's mother, Marrie-Claire McCormick, says upon hearing the diagnosis, "Carl just broke down. He was totally distraught and kept saying he blamed himself. But I never once blamed Carl. All he had ever done was shower our baby with love and affection. He had been the perfect father. I hated seeing him punish himself."

Wow. What an amazing woman. Not every mom would be able to treat her husband with that level of respect and offer forgiveness -- even if she knew wholeheartedly that he'd never do anything to harm their child. It would just be so hard to look at your husband every single day knowing something as simple as his kiss is what took your child's life. And I'm guessing it's tough to think about anything else at times. Marrie-Claire is clearly an incredible woman -- and she and Carl will definitely make wonderful parents.

Yes, she's pregnant again. She and Carl will welcome a baby girl next month. And even though she's overjoyed, she says, "She is our reason to live again. But I will never get over losing my son Kaiden."

But hopefully once they hold their new baby girl in their arms, they'll feel a small sense of peace and will start to heal. Nothing will ever replace the baby boy they lost, but these amazing people obviously have plenty of love to give.

Would you ever dream that something like this could happen?


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mommy... mommyof5cutties

My aunt kissed my cousin on the upper cheek as a newborn and unfortunately it gave him the same herpes in his eyes and made him breakout horrifically when exposed to sun.

mommy... mommyof5cutties

I have to add it has cause lots of scars and self consciousness and depression and it led to cocaine use at the age of 16. Now just over 18 no one has seen or heard from him :(

Renée McClure

You would think that with the overload of information available to pregnant women that there would be an emphasis on these types of potential dangers.  We need less articles on name games and more on the very real possiblities that could cause a newborn harm.  

tbruc... tbrucemom

I don't understand how you can die from this. Am I missing something? Also I used to get cold sores all the time and my ex-husband never got one from me and we were married for 28 years.

Karla C. Mulrenan

tbrucemom: yes you are missing something..... common sense. You cant compare a newborns immune system to an adult's immune system. Newborns are very vulnerable and their immunities are just developing. Obviously this newborns immune system couldn't fight off the virus.......

Aeris... AerisKate

tbrucemom, the reason it is so harmful to newborns is because of their lack of a developed, robust immune system.  For older kids, teens, and adults with a good immune system, a cold sore isn't a big deal.  But for newborns or people with weakened immune systems, it can be deadly.  The body just can't fight off the herpes virus. 

Aeris... AerisKate

Also, tbrucemom, your ex husband could have the herpes virus and he just doesn't get cold sores.  Research suggets that as much as 80% of the population has the herpes virus but a smaller percentage presents with the typical cold sore when the virus "wakes up" due to some trigger like sunlight or stress.  Some people are lucky and never get a cold sore.  The virus just stays dormant in their bodies. 

betti... bettieRAGE138

ok,if this guy knew he  had "cold sores" which we all know are contagious when active,why kiss the baby then.wait til they've healed.i wouldn't of wanted to risk passing them to my baby,and look what happened.u need common sense if u are going to be a good parent.not saying he knew this would happen,but like i said,why would you risk infecting your child w/anything?!!?!

Mommi... MommietoJB

Most people have this virus but no physical symptoms. I feel terrible for these parents but you kiss your 8 week old on the forehead or cheek, its just such a critical time to keep germs away.

nonmember avatar mark

If the baby died of such a common virus, chances are he wouldn't have lived long anyway.

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