The Color of Your Baby's Room Could Be Making Her Cry

yellow baby room

Sleep. Sweet, sweet sleep. I think all parents feel we could use more of it. But it's hard to get one of those deep sleeps where you wake up feeling really refreshed when you have a baby. There are also plenty of things we do to try to help our little ones get the best night's sleep. We make sure the temperature is right, the pajamas are comfortable, maybe play a little Mozart or a little giraffe that plays white noise. We read books and articles about the best ways to get baby to sleep well; some even do sleep training.

It turns out that the color of your baby's nursery could be the reason your baby cries a lot and therefore no one is sleeping.


There is a psychology behind colors -- they have meanings and affect us. The color yellow makes babies cry according to the American Psychological Association as reported by Painters of Louisville. Yellow is cheerful and warm, but it also strains the eyes, gives you energy (which is the opposite of what we want for our children when it's time for sleeping) and apparently makes the little ones really unhappy. This makes me want to make sure we don't have yellow pajamas or pillow cases and bed sheets, too.

I once heard that people who live in houses with too much yellow go crazy. I've never wanted to test that theory, which is why when I moved into a house with a lot of yellow we painted right away. 

Here are the "safe" colors to paint a baby's room along with meanings:

Blue - calming, means serenity

Pink - also calming

Green - tranquil

Lavender - calms and allows for relaxation

Maybe painting a child's room one of the more calming colors with help us all get some sleep, maybe even eliminate crying it out.

Check out this very helpful chart for more color psychology.

View the full infographic at

What color is your baby's room? Do you believe colors have that much of an effect on us? Would you still paint your child's room yellow now knowing this?


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