Perez Hilton Welcomes New Baby Boy -- Here's the Scoop

perez hiltonYou could call notorious celeb gossip blogger Perez Hilton many things: Snarky, shameless, irresistibly entertaining. But I never expected to hear him called a father! You guys, the man who makes a living telling secrets has been keeping a BIG secret. Yesterday afternoon Perez Hilton posted on his blog, "Earlier this month I was blessed with the birth of my first child, a beautiful and healthy baby boy -- with lots of hair on his tiny head!"

NO FREAKIN' WAY. Perez Hilton is a daddy!


Aww, and he posted the sweet photo of himself cradling his sleeping newborn son. I've never seen Perez look so ... what's the word? In this context I'm at a total loss. I'm not used to thinking about Perez Hilton this way. He looks sweet and tender! He looks like any other hipster dad. It's so weird!

Mr. Gossip is not dishing anything else about his new baby. We don't know weight, birth mother, or even the baby's name! Man, Perez is always so loose and easy with the details, but not when it comes to his own kid. He must have learned something in all his years of blogging, right? He did just tweet, "Never have I been so excited about pooping -- his, not mine! They keep getting bigger. He's eating more. YAY!!!" Is that a hint? Was baby Perez preterm? And now, I'd like to speak directly to Perez Hilton's new son.

Dude. Your dad is Perez Hilton. OMG.

Okay, so anyway, even though Perez has supposedly "ruined!" people's careers or at least ruined many people's day, I'm super happy for him. Will becoming a pappy change Perez? Well, he's not as mean as he used to be. He's been saying he wanted to become a father by the time he's 35 (he's 34 now). So -- I think he was changing before he became a father.

What do you think of Perez Hilton becoming a dad?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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