Sneak Peek of What Kate Middleton's Baby Will Look Like Is Beyond Cute

kate middletonI don't think you need to be a geneticist to know that Kate Middleton and Prince William's baby -- be it a boy or a girl -- will be beautiful. Kid comes from good stock. But nevertheless, a geneticist went and came up with images of what the Duke and Duchess's child will look like as a toddler and as a young adult -- and sweet Jesus, this (computerized) child is stunning! I typically think CGI-ed babies-to-be are weird-looking. But not this one. The Toddler of Cambridge is absolutely gorgeous.


Not quite sure what's going on with the "young adult" royal baby. The girl version pretty much just looks like Kate with blue eyes, and the boy version pretty much just looks like Harry Styles. And both look older than young adult. But the toddlers! Oh, the toddlers! SO. F*CKING. CUTE! I'm sorry I had to curse there, but I can't handle this. Couldn't you see either one of these little ones frolicking in a field of lavender in the English countryside? Or walking to Sunday mass in a bonnet or a newsboy hat, holding mummy and daddy's hands? Presh. And does anyone else see the slight Diana resemblance?

It was bound to happen -- an image of what Kate and Will's unborn baby will look like. And heck, it may even happen again, if another geneticist has some time to kill. But I've gotta say -- we are hard-pressed to see a cuter image of the royal baby. Except, you know, when the real one arrives.

That, my friends, will be epic.

What do you think of these pictures of Kate and Will's "baby"? Weird? Adorable? Does it make you want to run out and get pregnant (a little bit)?


Image via Danny Martindale/Getty

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