Moms Who Need 'Nanny Doctors' to Give Their Babysitters a Talking to Probably Shouldn't Be Parents

babyOh my stars have I got a story for you all today. It seems it is so rough out there for moms who have nannies that a whole new job has been created. Nanny doctor.

What, you're thinking, a babysitter with a medical degree? I went there first too because, hey, in this economy, you never know how low the educated might have to fall to put food on the table.

Ah, if only this new-fangled notion for moms made that kind of sense. If only.

So what, exactly, is a nanny doctor?


According to The New York Times, which featured one of these ladies helping Kimberly Van Der Beek (that would be Mrs. Dawson Leery in case you're wondering), a nanny doctor is a mediator who helps parents hash out their nanny issues.

Yes, that is exactly what it sounds like. Rather than tell a nanny exactly what they want done with their kids, moms hire a "nanny doctor" to come in and help them do it.

Go ahead, roll your eyes. Heck, roll 'em a few times. I know I did!

I can't help it. I'm picturing the moms who can't handle telling a nanny exactly how to handle their child now having to sit down for a parent-teacher conference. Or, God forbid, talking to their kid's Little League coach about why he's always riding the pine. Will she bring along a mediator then too? How about when her kid gets bitten on the playground? Is she going to hire a Mom Doctor to help her talk to the little vampire's mother?

Ladies, I don't want to be insensitive, but come on! You're a mother now! If you can't school the babysitter on how long the baby should have tummy time, you're in for a long, exhausting road down the parenting path.

A big part of being a parent is being your kid's advocate ... not pawning it off on some nanny doctor.

So let me spell this out: if the nanny (or babysitter) isn't doing her job, you tell her what you want done. If she doesn't do it, you fire her butt and find someone else who can. We're talking about your kid here; they're worth the five seconds of uncomfortable. Trust me!

Do you have trouble telling the sitter what to do?


Image via Lars P./Flickr

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