New 'Parenting Expert' Snooki Gives Dads Advice About Drinking Breast Milk (VIDEO)

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SnookiSay what you will about Snooki, but since she became a mother to little Lorenzo, she has really been trying to be a good mom. She's even been breastfeeding the little guy -- albeit doing it the hard way by pumping her milk. But when MTV decided to make the Jersey Shore star their official "baby correspondent," you had to know some of the crazy Nicole was going to come back out. And boy did it ever!

Snooki came out with a list of parenting tips for new parents Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose that is, well, shall we just say it's pure Snooki? Especially her thoughts on breast milk!

The way Snooki tells it, women should NOT be drinking their own breast milk. But Dads, go ahead and drink up. Snooki says it's not just OK, it will actually make you ... sexier?

Seriously, just check her out:

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So classically Snooki, isn't it?

I'm never sure if she's being silly or serious! But let's just assume it's the latter, OK?

I have to say she's nuts! Having Dad drink all the breast milk he wants? Can you say wasteful? Especially considering she's doing all this extra work to pump her milk for Lorenzo, I'd think every little drop would be that much more precious.

Maybe I just look at it that way because I had horrible production issues (among other problems) that made me stop breastfeeding very early on. But while my husband and I both took a small taste because, hey, this was going in our daughter's mouth, so we wanted to know what the heck it was, if I was able to get something out, I wanted to make sure ALL of it went to her. I wasn't setting any aside for my husband.

How about you? Would you save some breast milk for your baby's dad?


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ms_da... ms_danielle_j

uggh! She looks so fake!

Michi... MichiganMom602

She is a moron.  And I do not know why people continue to listen to anything she has to say.

Ally Swarrow

Poop in your hair? Damn, talk about exaggerating.

Maias... MaiasMommy619

She looks extra scary in that picture...yikes!

And I pumped for 14 months for my son...And 0% would be set aside for my husband....sorry buddy!

nonmember avatar ashleigh

umm, I dont know what she is talking about with her milk tasting nasty? I mean not going to lie I tried it & it was super my hubby says its like liquid gold.

Jennifer Schröter

If her breast milk taste like sour milk and cheese, she is doing something wrong. I tried my breast milk and had my husband try it and it was warm and sweet.

nonmember avatar Billie

When my lo was born premature, I pumped while he was in the hospital and learning how to bf. My production was in overdrive, and when we finally brought baby home after a few weeks, my freezer was full of the stuff! If there were a milk bank in our area at the time,I would have donated, but there wasn't and my husband didn't want to let it go to waste. We set some of the earliest golden goodness aside in case our lo got sick and my hubby started to use it in his coffee! He thought it was great! He found it too sweet to do much else with it, but he did try it with a bowl of cereal once, and he got an awful case of the runs :P

And to Snooki's credit, at least she is giving her baby breast milk and isn't totally grossed out by a natural body process. In all honesty, I didn't expect her to bf. How about we stop sh!tt!ng on her and instead applaud her for giving her son breast milk? I still meet young moms who don't breast feed because it's "gross". How messed up are we that we can't accept a natural function for the breast, but are okay with it being sexualized and plastered all over EVERYTHING!?! Maybe these women will change their stance thanks to Snooki... If bf doesn't work for you, that is truly unfortunate, and that is what formula is for, but to deny your child what is best because of your own personal "gross-factor"? Maybe these girls needed to become WOMEN before they became moms!

nonmember avatar Lindsey

Yes Billie! Give snookie some credit. Does anyone watch the shows she's on? I've watched a couple snookie & jwowws....she's not a bad mom.

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