'Portlandia' Clip of Parents Trying Out 'Baby Book' Advice Is Hilarious Because It's True (VIDEO)


portlandiaWhen I was pregnant, and right after I had my daughter, I read parenting books. Lots of parenting books. Off the top of my head, some of the "advice" books I read, or read at least part of, were The Happiest Baby on the Block; Bringing Up Bebe; Secrets of the Baby Whisperer; and Heading Home With Your Newborn. I know there were more, but I think I've blocked them from my memory. Some things I learned worked -- i.e., my daughter liked being swaddled and bounced for one day -- but for the most part, I, like most parents, realized that there's no one-size-fits-all book. And, when you think about it, some of the things these guides tell you to do are flat-out ridiculous.

If you've ever read a baby book, you absolutely need to check out this hilarious-because-it's-true clip from Portlandia of first-time parents trying everything from every book out on their baby. Trust me: You'll be able to relate.

Okay, I totally did the hairdryer thing, and looking back on it, it seems ri-goddamn-diculous. But when you're in the midst of those first few weeks of parenthood, you'll try anything. And you think everyone knows better than you.

But eventually you come to realize that they don't. No one knows better than you when it comes to your baby. Not even a Harvard-trained doctor with 1,000 years of practice under his belt. Or a person who goes by the name "The Baby Whisperer." What this little boy says at the end of the video sums it up better than I ever could: Parents, trust your instincts. Most of these books are caca.

Did you read any parenting books?

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femal... femaleMIKE

I have not read any parenting books and I don't plan to.

I have been reading the book "what to expect when expecting".  i like it.

Blues... Blueshark77

Hilarious. Love that show. No, I'm not big on reading the baby books, but I've taken care of babies for a long time. I did get a copy of "What to Expect the 1st Year" for a $1 at the used book store for my partner since he has very little experience and our first baby is due any day now. I doubt he'll read it, but in case he's on his own with the baby and needs something to reference he'll have it.

Jai Hutto


doodledo doodledo

I've learned a lot from some of the parenting books I've read. Mainly Alfie Kohn, Dan Siegal, Naomi Aldort, Elizabeth Pantley . But I've stayed away from most mainstream parenting books.

Parenting is very important to me and I enjoy reading about parenting related books.

gamma4 gamma4

I read the what to expect when you are expecting..didn't need to read any others as I'm pretty close to the oldest of all the cousins of parents that were each second borns of 5 and 7 kids..I had had practice with babies and kids lol..never had expected before :-)...the only line I remember which is some thing like first line...the only thing you can do wrong with a baby is drop it...meaning they don't break ..you can unbend them to put on the shirt or diaper or what ever lol

nonmember avatar natalie

HA! Love that show... Two of my favorite skits- "Get the Gear!" if you live in Seattle that is PERFECT. Also, i forget who performed it, but the skit about the man with the pasta addiction. That would be me- sneaking out and hiding my closeted pasta addiction from my SO.

Shannon Robinson Jacobson

The swaddling and hair dryer actually worked for my first.  Not for the second or third.  But the first was a very, very, VERY fussy baby, and Dr. Sears recommended the hairdryer in "The Fussy Baby Book" (which, unlike every other book, actually seemed like a window into my own life with a baby who Would. Not. Stop. Crying.).  It worked like a charm, at least for the first couple of weeks.  Then we had to find other methods.  The other two liked the swaddling (all of my babies have loved swaddling) and white noise from a fan or white noise machine, but they weren't fans of the loud hair dryer.

nonmember avatar supermansmomma

It'simple. Listen to your instincts, not anyone else's crap. Hold your baby, a lot. Keep him close. Nurse her when she's hungry. Sleep next to here, comfort her. Let him know you are there when he needs you. Create a bond and don't break it.

flowe... flower_momma

The hair dryer was pure magic with my son. I would turn it on and he would go from screaming to asleep in 3 seconds. 

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