Leah Messer's New Baby Has a Crazy Name Just Like Her Sisters

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leah calvertTeen Mom Leah Messer sure was mysterious when she announced the birth of her third daughter. On Super Bowl night during halftime, she tweeted, "Yes, the time is near... Can't wait to meet you little Miss Calvert!" And sure enough, we got the news on February 4: "Leah gave birth in the early hours of this morning to a beautiful baby girl. Mother and baby are happy and healthy. Leah went into labor late last night, and the baby was born this morning."

That's it? No details? Not even a name! Was Leah going to go all Adele on us and shroud her baby in secrecy? That didn't sound like a very Teen Mom move, if you ask me. Well, it's been a few weeks now and Leah is finally ready to reveal her baby's name. Lord have mercy, it's a doozy. Are you sitting down?

And the name of the Leah Messer/Jeremy Calvert baby shall be: Addalynn Calvert. Of course it would be another crazy, made-up name that starts with the letter A! This is the mother of Alianna and Aleeah we're talking about here (twins by her previous husband, Corey Simms). It's not like she's going to pick a regular name, like Alice, or Angela, or Abigail.

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In retrospect I regret not inventing a "Name the Calvert Baby" game, in which we all take turns speculating upon the most likely letter combination for Leah's expected child. Rule 1: Must start with the letter A. Rule 2: Must include double letters. Rule 3: Must sound like two names awkwardly combined with each other. Examples: Alissaleah, Ammymychelle, Areyousssseriouslygoingtonameherthat.

YES, I am making fun of this name. Because! I have to.

Okay, all joking aside, though, I am glad Addalynn was delivered safely. Seriously -- for those who weren't keeping track and counting months, she was born more than a month early (Leah was due March 11). Reportedly there were complications with the C-section. But it all turned out okay, and mom and baby are fine. And maybe we'll see a photo of that baby soon.

What do you think of Leah's name for her new baby?


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Simpl... SimplyEnchanted

I know an adult named Aliana (pronounced the same way) and I have heard of Adda before. I personally don't think it sounds ridiculous.

dirty... dirtyhippiemama

There's an epidemic of ridiculously spelled baby names happening right now.

nicol... nicolemead91

i like it.. its not too bad

nonmember avatar Hello

"Addalynn" is pretty common but not the way she spelled it... like Madeline without the M. Personally I love it.

Collier3 Collier3

The name itself is not unusual but the spelling is just nuts, but that seems to be the norm now.

Maias... MaiasMommy619

The names she chooses are not crazy sounding names...they are normal..just the spellings are off the wall.

Robyn Gogue

And I hope someone makes fun of your name or your choice of name for your son, Adriana. There is nothing wrong with the name she picked out. Why do people have to get so judgey on a cute name?

brand... brandspanknnew

I personally have nothing against the off-the-wall spelling of her childrens names. Yeah, Addalynn is a little close to the top. But it is NOTHING compared to my friend who names her child Abbygayle. Seriously? That one made me kind of look twice and go 'nuh uh'.

Jenn Gauthier

*chuckles* wow you made a big deal about THAT name? really? That is nothing. I would hate to think of what you think of my daughter's name, Harleen. Which her father chose, and he alternated the spelling. Addalynn is not a crazy name. You want to know a "crazy" name. I taught a toddler named La-a (pronounced La-Dash-a)... There is nothing wrong with Addalynn. Maybe they combined two names of people that they hold dear in their lives that may no longer be with them. Don't mock what you don't know all the facts about.

SrctL... SrctLfeAddct00

For awhile (like during her entire pregnancy, I forgot she was pregnant) but now that she's had her daughter and the nave has been revealed, I'd say I have to agree with the other posters, it suited Leah because she named her twins rather unique name also. I personally love it. Why is everyone being judgy or a baby name just becausse they aren't traditional (.i.e. Emily, Abigail, etc)

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