Beyonce Thinks Blue Ivy Is a Genius Even Though She's Not

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beyonce blue ivyAccording to Beyonce, Blue Ivy, 1, is already reading flashcards. And I bet if you probed Mama Bey a little more, you'd learn that Blue is also fluent in French; has read Anna Karenina (in Russian); and is really the person responsible for discovering the god particle.


We all think our kids are geniuses, don't we? When our babies point at something and scream, it's really their way of solving a complex Calculus problem. When they hold a book, it's clearly a sign they're going to be the next Jonathan Franzen. And when they shove a fist-full of Puffs into their adorable mouth, it's a demonstration of motor skills like no other.

Our children are all the smartest babies who have ever lived. To us. To everyone else, they're just babies.

Oh, I've done it many times myself. Regaling tales of my daughter's latest milestones and movements to friends and family members as if she just discovered how to convert salt water into drinking water. The kid's a genius I tell ya! I'm basically saying when I tell my sister how my child has mastered the complex art of peek-a-boo.

Before I had my own child, I always noticed parents doing this exact thing -- basically, bragging about their kids. And I'd think to myself, "Aw, cute kid. But he/she definitely isn't doing anything unusual. I've seen dozens of babies put blocks into their corresponding holes." But now that I have my own child -- and am surrounded by people with babies -- I've realized: Literally, all parents do it. We all think our kids are super smart/super talented/super something.

And you know what? That's okay. That's how it should be.

Despite the fact that, odds are very slim that any of us have given birth to the next Barack Obama, it's important that we think our children are super something. (As long as it doesn't cross over into some weird, want-to-live-vicariously, pressure-filled kind of thing.) Everyone wants to feel special. You, me, and certainly our kids. If we don't think our children are the absolute bee's knees, who will? (And moreso, will they?)

If Beyonce wants to think Blue Ivy is the smartest 1-year-old out there, who cares? Let's let her. And let's say things like "No way!" and "Oh, my god!" to her when she talks about her daughter. And let's do that to all parents, because, ultimately, that's really what they want to hear -- that their kids are special.

Because to them, they are. They really, really are.

Do you ever brag about your kid?

nicole fabian-weber

Images via Splash/Nicole Fabian-Weber/Paige Lauren Baby



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lobus lobus

Baha that photo is classic. I took a video of my son putting those rings on, in no order mind you, at 1 and took so many videos because I was sure noone else his age was doing that. And then I put it on facebook. Yeah...Ive stopped doing that. Although, my sons been out of diapers for since 15 months and that is something to brag about and I dont care.

nonmember avatar Truth

If I gave birth to the next Barack Obama I would Be pissed. No respect for that man!

Rosas... RosasMummy

when I used to go to this teen mums group and we'd talk about our kids, I eventually found out they all disliked me for 'bragging' when really it just so happened that my lo was the fastest developer out of all of them. This was when all the kids were under 1 and I really don't think it actually makes a

Difference in the long run when they're that young.

kelly... kelly24019

Truth... Really? This post has nothing to do with Obama....

Ally Swarrow

Seriously, stop saying "kid" like that. What's wrong with saying "your child"?

Amanda Denise Lawrence

my son is 16 months old and running around and talking and pointing to windows, doors, clocks, and other little things and saying there names even at my moms house which hes never been to but im sure hes not the only toddler whos a little ahead of the game at his age. but he only has 6 teeth {thats the only thing hes behind on}so yes hes at the smaller % of kids who know stuff but i wouldnt say hes super smart cuz iv seen some really really smart kids online you wont know till your little one gets much older if they are super smart or just smart. i dont like bragging and plus my son is awesome at being a toddler i dont want him to grow up to fast without me realizing it. slow is good for me since i know id miss these day since they already fly by anyways. why rush it? <3

nonmember avatar Alyssa

Uhm how dare you Beyonce is the queen.

nonmember avatar lisa

i seen a video on a baby who can read flash cards at the age of 15 months or wat eva its some special teaching method or somthing, but if you read about the best way for children to learn to read is is through teaching phonics, it all very well a child being able to memorize simple words but they have to learn how to break down words using phonics so that they can learn to read word by them self! not have to sit and read an entire dictionary! im not saying it isnt a good place to start but its like the saying give a man a fish he will eat for a life tome, give a man a rod and teach him how to fish he will eat for a lifetym! we need to learn the techniques!

camoa... camoalltheway

My daughter was reading flashcards at 10 months old. She would not say the words, but if you held up three different flashcards with just the words, no pictures, she would point to the one you asked for. She is now 2, and is reading at a late kindergarten/early first grade level. I would not doubt that Beyonce's 1 year old is reading flashcards if she has been working with the child. Why not let her brag? Not everyone has children that can read that early, and that is a huge accomplishment for children. Let her be proud of her smart and talented baby!

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