Beyonce Breastfed Blue Ivy ... While Eating Lettuce Every Day (YIKES!)

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beyonceSometimes we hang on a celebrity's every word. But we do it other times, too. Like with feeding our babies. People hear "breast is best" and some automatically feel this is a jab at formula feeding moms. It's not. We do what we have to do, and there's so much more to the important issue of promoting breastfeeding. Formula is "allowed" to be promoted by big companies with money to spend and breastfeeding moms don't feel personally attacked about that. So the same should go for breastfeeding.

Beyonce did a lot for breastfeeding because of her celebrity. If one woman tried nursing her baby because Beyonce did it, that's fabulous. But something else she did could really hurt new moms. Beyonce said she lost 57 pounds in three months because she ate lettuce every day.

Now let's just hope that she didn't mean she ate just lettuce and lettuce alone. But reading that could make some postpartum moms think that's the secret to losing all that weight within three short months, and that's worrisome. People do hang on her every word. We don't want new moms to think eating just lettuce every day while breastfeeding is a good idea. It's actually a very, very bad idea that can hurt your baby. She also said that she had to get back onstage three months after giving birth, essentially admitting that no one wants to see a "slightly overweight" singer dancing to Single Ladies with a little jiggle.

Pressure. I don't like it. I don't like it for every day moms and I don't like it for Beyonce.

Of course the media reporting Beyonce's comment may have not gotten the whole story and we just got a clip of what she said but those words still could mislead moms worried about the weight they gained during pregnancy and thinking they could get it off fast. We need that weight! We also need extra calories when breastfeeding.

KellyMom has some of the best compiled information on nutrition, diet, and breastfeeding. She reports that in order to maintain a plentiful milk supply, we should be eating 1800 to 2200 (or more) calories per day. Anything less could put your supply at risk. This also depends on how active a woman is, so a mom like Beyonce who is on the treadmill every day as well -- she'll need those extra calories, more than 2200 a day.

If you think about what you ate before pregnancy, what you should eat postpartum while breastfeeding is on average 300 to 500 extra calories above that. Which is essentially a couple of extra healthy snacks. Plus, the "safe" standard on how much weight to lose per month for breastfeeding mothers is 6 pounds. Beyonce dropped 57 pounds in three months -- that's way more than the recommended 18 pounds for the same time frame.

The pressure to be thin. Hard for celebrities, but also for the rest of us. Not just for society's sake -- for our own self-esteem. But what we should remember is that our bodies sometimes take time to get back to a weight we are happy with and most often our bodies are changed forever. We have to see that change as something beautiful -- we made life, in our own bodies. That is a beautiful and incredible thing. We can work on the weight coming off in a healthier way -- eat lettuce, yes, but not lettuce alone. That last sentence? Those are much better and healthier words to hang on to.

Did you feel pressure to get rid of your baby weight fast?


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nonmember avatar IllinoisGirl

Are you obsessed with breastfeeding or something? Geez. Give it a rest.

Jenn Mitchell

how about the awful baby carrier she used. barf. why is it that celebrities have no idea what a crotch dangler is...

Gul Bahar

PROTEIN is very important in breastfeeding. not just calories. if you eat plenty of protein and enough calories, your supply will be good. and dont forget A LOT of water. at least 8 cups a day

Fondue Fondue

I'm glad I wasn't the only one who took notice of that carrier!  I don't have kids yet and even know how bad those are.

Andrea Mollgaard

what a silly thing to wonder. she would have collapsed in a few days if she was only eating lettuce, and she didn't get famous by being stupid. of course she meant getting her water needs from lettuce instead of soda pop, not getting her food needs from lettuce instead of food.

nonmember avatar JenM

I hope she didn't eat just lettuce, but I disagree that it would hurt baby. It might hurt mom, but not baby. Even moms moms in 3rd world countries who have very little food available make perfectly fine breastmilk. There is very little difference in the composition of breastmilk across cultures. It's a "booby trap" to think that milk is only good if mom eats all organic and avoids certain foods.

Andrea Mollgaard

the baby carries is fine, Fondus. my son loved his.

elder... elderlywoman

It makes me bummed to know that there are women out there having children who are daft enough to listen to this ignorance that Beyonce is spouting out and think its a good idea. Lettuce only every day? What kind of idiot do you have to be to think this would give you and more importantly your child the nutrients they need to flourish and thrive?? Selfish. There are better ways to get less Jiggly if you are so damned and determined to parade around in your bra and panties three months post-partum as Queen Bey has done.

nonmember avatar Katie

I lost 55lbs in three months without eating just lettuce. Heck, I eat 2200 calories a day because I am still breastfeeding.
I think her comment was either taken out of context or was sarcasm.

nonmember avatar P.Blair

You're basically saying that everything we're taught about eating, that eating vegetables and "something green every day" is wrong?!?! WTH?! OBVIOUSLY she was eating more than JUST lettuce. I'm sure she was just getting across that she ate well along with breastfeeding. Why don't you focus on a topic that actually matters...

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