Bryan Adams Gives His New Baby a Name That Everyone Will Mispronounce

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Hey, I'm old enough to remember when Bryan Adams was a young rocker playing guitar in an empty swimming pool on MTV, crooning Well it cuts like a knife ... but it feels so riiiiight ... Bryan is now 54-years-old (can it be?!!) and he and his girlfriend just had their second baby. Second in 22 months! Bryan must be busy at home. Unlike a lot of celebs, Bryan wasn't cagey about his new daughter's name. He not only coughed it up, but gave a lengthy explanation as to the origins and inspiration of it. The name is cute, but it's going to cause this girl some problems, and I'll tell you why ...

Bryan and Alicia Grimaldi's newborn's name is Lula Rosylea. Bryan explains how they settled upon that appellation. He says:

The name Lula comes from Gene Vincent‘s 1958 song 'Be-Bop-A-Lula' and Rosylea is a play on the expression 'a rosie lee' which is cockney rhyming slang in London for 'a cup of tea' and pronounced the same. She was born in London and ... she's my cup of tea.

Awww, well, that's cute, Bry. Coupla problemos, though. Rosylea is pronounced "Rosie Lee," yet it's not spelled that way! It's spelled like "Rosie Lee-ah," or could even be pronounced "Rosa-Lea." No one is going to get that thing right. But that's okay cause it's her second name. The first is Lula, and is at least pronounced like it's spelled, but this kid is going to have a lifetime of hearing herself called "Lola" and "Lulu." Good lord, some people might even call her "Hula."

No one, I mean no one, is going to get it right the first time and call her "Lula." But, hey, that's okay, because there is nothing quite like correcting everyone you meet about the pronounciation of your name. Believe me, I know.

That said, I don't want to be a Debbie Downer about Bryan's daughter's name. Sounds like he put a lot of thought into it, and for all I know, ten other celebs will name their kids "Lula" and no one will get confused at all because it will soon be the next "Britney" or "Hannah."

Bryan's other daughter's name is Mirabella Bunny. Which is at least spelled the way it's pronounced. Presumably.

Do you like Bryan's daughter's name?

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nonmember avatar Carly

I don't think lula is too difficult to get right, however, rosylea will get a lot of people. It's like saiorse (ser-shuh); great name, but it's gonna be butchered.

nonmember avatar em

I pronounced it right... I don't see Leah when I look at Lea. I see Lee. I think its cute. I don't think it will be hard to pronounce.

Pinkmani Pinkmani

What's so hard about the name Lula? If people take the time to read and comprehend, they will most likely get it right. 

TeamT... TeamTARDIS

You should do some research before you write a post. Lea is pronounced Lee. Would you really pronounce Rosy like Rosa? If so you should probably go back to school.

If Lula is that hard for you to pronounce then you need some help!

Jacki Burgess Browning

uh an idiot can see it is Lula and say it right- I pronounced rosylea exactly the way he wants it said- some people are just too picky- and judgemental... its his kid- my name is Jacki and noone ever spells it right but I like it that way anyway and correct people and am glad my mom spelled it that way I hate Jackie..


Diane Allen

compared to some names some celebrities come out with, I dont rate this one anywhere near as bad as what your making out. Maybe you should try writing something original or new as how many moan about names ever since that Coldplay singer did Apple ect ect ect. YAWN!!

nonmember avatar Jeanne

My 8 year old daughters name is Rosalea (rosa Lee) Mae. I get a lot of "Rosa Leah", and "Rose ale ya".....but the majority say it correctly.

Christina McKee Bathan

Semi normal name, and better then Apple (mz Paltrow) Inspektor Pilot (Jason Lee's Sons name) Moxie Crimefighter (Penns (From the Magic Group Penn and Teller) daughters name)

Kristi M Rogers

Had no problem with either name. Lula is particularly obvious in it's spelling. This article is dramatized. As someone else said, "YAWN."

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