A Nursery for a Baby Girl That's as Sweet as It Is Unusual

Baby 3

I love the different elements of this nursery for a baby girl that I spotted over at Jen Loves Kev. There's just something so calming and peaceful about it, exactly the kind of vibe you want a nursery to give off, don't you think? 

Read more about the special details that went into this space below!

The cute navy polka-dot fabric used on the crib skirt and then again on the teepee adds a fun pop of pattern to an otherwise neutral palette. How much do you love that twig and bird mobile? I think it's delightful! 

I love it when rooms are purposefully filled with objects and art that have some sort of meaning or sentimentality behind them. Everything in this space is beautifully curated without looking cluttered, which can be hard to do.


Love this little kid-sized nook -- what a great way to take advantage of a deep window pocket.


I won't lie -- everything about this room makes me smile! It feels roomy and bright and is exactly the kind of space I'd want to spend some quality time in. If you agree, you can find out more about this adorable nursery.

People always have such different ideas about nursery decor. I'd love to hear your thoughts on this one!

How did you decorate your baby's room?

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nonmember avatar Shannon

That crib looks like a death trap. The AAP recommends that you do not use crib bumpers due the risk of suffocation. If you must have them, there are some good mesh ones out there.

divad... divadiane55

The crib is a little scary but it  is such an amazing baby room.  It has the feel of  tranquility and serendity.  A baby would love growing up in this room..  I sometimes wish I was at the child-bearing age again with all the beautiful clothes and baby rooms. 

nonmember avatar Kristi

Shannon, I think you need a lesson in what a death trap looks like. Check this out: http://www.travelblog.org/Photos/6753412

Design Mom, I love your blog but thestir makes me cringe whenever I'm dumb enough to look at it. I can't believe how obnoxious and bitchy people are about other people's nurseries. Sheesh.

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