Kate Middleton Isn't On Board With Queen Elizabeth's Ideas for the Baby Nursery

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Queen Elizabeth & Kate MiddletonPrince William and Kate Middleton are all set to start their new life as parents in Kensington Palace, and of course, we're all super excited to hear how they plan on decorating their baby nursery. You know it's going to be absolutely gorgeous, and fit for a prince or princess.

But a new report claims that the royal baby's nursery is creating a bit of conflict in the palace, because Kate Middleton and Queen Elizabeth are fighting over the baby furniture.

Supposedly the Queen wants Kate to use her "ancient furniture" that was used for past generations of royal babies, while Kate wants to purchase brand new, swanky American furniture. (Oh, my word!)

Ok, before I go any further and rant and rave about how it's Kate's nursery and how she chooses to decorate it is none of the Queen's business -- let's talk about the "ancient furniture" her Majesty reportedly suggested for a second.

Um, just how ancient is this stuff? It has to be pretty darn old, considering the last baby in the family was Prince Harry, who is now 28. And there's a very good chance that Princess Diana used her own furniture for William and Harry when they were infants, so maybe Queen Elizabeth's pieces are the same ones she used for her own children?

If so, then there's about a zero percent chance of any of the furniture actually being safe for Kate and William's baby to use -- in particular the crib, cradle, bassinet, or whatever the heck it is.

When my son was born seven years ago, I can remember shopping for cribs and double checking the width between the slats to make sure they were safe. I had the whole, "If a soda can can pass through the slats, it's not safe" rule in my head with each one we looked at. Even though most new cribs were right in line with the current safety codes at that time, I still couldn't help double checking.

Somehow I'm guessing the Queen's beloved furniture isn't going to withstand the soda can rule, so maybe that alone can get Kate out of having to accept it.

Of course, being the gem-of-a-guy he is, Prince William apparently has the perfect solution. He and Kate will just set up a "fake" nursery somewhere in their pad to appease the Queen, even if the baby doesn't use it.

(Works for me.)

Are you using any hand-me-down baby furniture?


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nicol... nicolemead91

This is complete B.S !!! i highly doubt that the Queen is trying to make Kate use her ancient furniture! She has all the money in the world to purchase new stuff for their child! who ever made this rumor up is just plain stupid! besides..do u reallyyy think that we have all the info going down in Kensington Palace!!!!?? ya OK especially with everything that happened with that radio dj and that poor woman committing suicide! 

BirdCo BirdCo

What a tabloid trashy article.

Maevelyn Maevelyn

I had both an older crib and cradle that had been passed down i in my family (which I didn't use) but out of curiosity I did the soda can check and both passed

nonmember avatar Gretta

This seems really really fake

mrspease mrspease

Why do they want so badly for there to be feuds between the Queen and Kate? Why is it so impossible for them to consider that those two might actually get along?

Mary Wysong

The furniture is 0% safe, huh? How many royal babies has it killed?

Lorie Chylak McClure

Mary W, I agree with you. It's just like so many of our friends getting sick and dying from eating lead when we were growing up.

Aimee Oakes

Leave it up to the stir to write a BS article about Kate just to get some buzz.

And just because furniture isn't up to current safety standards doesn't make it unsafe.

tuffy... tuffymama

LOL, Mary Wysong.

Zadidoll Zadidoll

LOL Who are these insiders? People need to stop making up stories and stop passing false information.

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