10 Things Your Baby Doesn't Care About (So You Shouldn't Either)

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babyIf you look the word worrywart up in the dictionary, I'm pretty sure you'll find a picture of a new mom. She'll be unshowered, of course, and ready to tear her greasy hair out of her head. Moms, it's because I've been there that I'm going to offer the following advice: lighten up!

I am coming to you from seven years in your future, and it's with the benefit of that awesome hindsight that I can tell you that you're just wasting your time. Your baby doesn't care about any of it. Just look:

1. Your squishy tummy: You see it as weight. Baby sees it as more cushion for cuddles.

2. Bottle or breast: Oh, the debates we have about this! And all baby cares is that their hunger is being sated.

3. The dishes in the sink: You do know that newborns can only see 8 to 12 inches in front of them, right? Baby can't even SEE those dishes!

4. Your hair: So you didn't brush it today? Or yesterday? The baby will still try to get his fingers tangled in there. Good luck!

5. Affording fancy toys: Wouldn't it be awesome if we could all blow a couple hundred bucks on baby toys? Thank goodness for us the baby is just as happy with the set of measuring spoons from the kitchen cabinet.

6. Making fancy dinners: Considering pretty much everything is a choking hazard these days, let me refer you back to number 2.

7. Going out for girls' night: This may be painful to hear, but it has to be said at some point. As long as someone is there to change their poopy diapers, feed them, and cuddle them when they're cranky, babies are happy. It is OK to leave them with your significant other. Yes, REALLY. P.S. You can even be daring and take him along ... that's what sitters are for.

8. Stroller or sling: Forget the mommy wars, wouldja? Baby just wants to get moving and get rid of this wicked gas!

9. Your clothes: So you haven't worn anything other than a spit-up stained sweatshirt and yoga pants this week? Funny, your baby still poops in his undies. I think you'll be OK (but when they're 7, all bets are off).

10. Making your bed: Really, you have to keep a human being alive, and you're stressing about whether you pulled the comforter to the pillows? Your baby doesn't care!

All right, take a step back ... what have you been worrying about that your baby really doesn't care about?


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jessi... jessicasmom1

what a cute post . babies just want to be loved and cared for 

Jessie S. Hegwood

They also don't care if their clothes match. So when Dada (or other well meaning but color uncoordinated care giver) dresses them in a clashing outfit that makes your eyes burn, just smile and be glad someone else took on the job of trying to put flailing arms into tiny sleeves and wrangle those constantly moving legs into tiny pants and give him a big kiss if he remembers the socks.

corri... corrinacs

This is beautiful, I love it!  And you are right, your baby doesn't care either way. And if he/she did, you'd know about it :).

If baby is happy, then baby is happy......nothing else needs to be said/done :)

Evaly... EvalynCarnate

I agree with these, but I will say that having my baby in a Moby wrap helped a lot with gassiness :)

Todd Vrancic

My wife likes a poem that goes in part:

"So quiet down cobwebs/Dust go to sleep./I'm rocking my baby,/And babies don't keep!"

Jacobet Jacobet

This post helps me some. I have a demanding full time job and I am in school full time and I feel a tremendous amount of guilt that my baby who also happens to want me the most isn't getting enough time. When I am at school I think about her and worry that she is missing me terribly. She loves my husband her daddy but she is very attached to mama.

nonmember avatar Samantha

Her first christmas really got me down, i couldnt afford presents & my family didnt get together that year, but as guilty as i felt, her 3 month old self was happy enough to spend the evening alone with mommys full attention, seeing me smile & sing christmas tunes. Her first year i really couldnt afford much of anything, but she was a happy baby despite all that. And my over compensating the year after helped NO ONE. Now shes a spoiled rotten, greedy, demanding 2 1/2 yr old. Lol. My biggest worries though usually involve my parenting style, i often feel like a failure, but when shes under care from others, its amazing to see my hard work & diligence paying off! I worry too much, But that is my strength in parenting. It means im always reviewing & improving!

Johnny Cirrito

They sure as heel don't care where their clothes came from.  Designer clothes are a huge watse of money!

Carol Nichols Lupinos

When my now 6 year old was younger, I insisted he wear a pair of pajamas that matched. Now I don't care what he wears to bed, as long as he goes. TBH, one night last week he wanted to wear his sweats! No problem! Night, Night, sweetie. I love you!!

Kimberly Elliott

I love this post but for me if my house is a mess I am stressed which makes my two toddlers cranky, I am just tad bit OCD, but I still spend a tremendous amount of time with them, doing a little house work every day goes a long way.

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