16 Totally Bizarre Baby Products Parents Can Actually Buy

Image: Amazon

funny baby products

Babies are big business. There is a product out there for just about everything a mom could need. For parents who don't want their tot straying away -- there's a baby leash. There is even a blouse designed so that moms and dads can carry their infant inside of it, close to their heart. Though there were the best intentions in the conception of these products, some of these inventions are almost too strange to be true.


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A baby product should make a mom's life easier. There are so many caretaking tasks that need to be done while on the go. From diaper-changing to feedings and even potty training, tools should make any of these tasks easy and quick. The problem? Not every product meets that criteria. And some are just downright strange.

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We rounded up some of the most bizarre baby gear out there. Some of which will absolutely make people wonder, "What were they thinking!?" Or maybe there's even a few that seem like they're worth trying. After all, there is that saying that one man's trash is another man's treasure! Here are the absolute weirdest and most bizarre baby products we've come across.


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