8 New Mom Mistakes I'm Embarrassed to Admit I've Made

baby mom handsAll new moms want to do everything "right." They want to be the perfect mothers to their little bundles of joy. But none of us succeed. We all make mistakes.

I am no exception. I think things have gone fairly smoothly in the first 16 months of my daughter's life, but believe me, I've had my share of new mom blunders -- some classic, some all my own.

Lucky for you, I'm about to confess to many of them, right here and now. If I had to do things over, I could have avoided at least some of these. But then I would have made others. So best to just learn from them and move on. Here are 8 new mom mistakes I'm a little ashamed to admit I've made.

1) I slept in the baby's room for way too long. I did it because I was breastfeeding and it was easier to be there when she woke up. What I didn't realize was that it was distracting her from sleeping through the night.

2) I didn't insist from early on that my husband get up with her at night. At first it was just because I was nursing, so what was he going to do? But it continued even after she was on formula or woke up and wasn't hungry. So now I'm still the one who usually gets up with her overnight and in the morning too. Bad habit -- I wish we'd take turns more!

3) I didn't go away when she was still little. So she and I have never spent a night apart, which is tough since my husband and I are planning to go on a mini-vacation soon. I worry that my little girl will be traumatized by not having her mommy around and think I've left her or something.

4) We've been on the laptop or iPhone too much around her. Hard to avoid in this day and age, especially because I work some days from home and my husband does too. But now our daughter is obsessed with the computer and iPhone and wants to play with them and watch videos more often than she should at her age!

5) I've been too overprotective at times. I have tended to jump in too often and get involved with things like what she eats and her nap schedule, or just generally how to take care of her. I wish I could have let go a little bit more.

6) We kept her up too late at night as a newborn. We didn't realize she had trouble settling down because she was really overtired, so she'd be awake and acting kind of "wired" and then would cry for hours some nights before she went to sleep. Poor baby. Bad parents!

7) We let her have a blanket in her crib. Huge mistake! I'd read the warnings, but she seemed to love this pink blanket my mom knitted for her so much, so I'd put it under her legs, thinking she was safe that way. One night my husband had a loud fan on and all of a sudden I heard a blood-curdling scream. The baby had pulled the blanket over her face and couldn't get it off. Luckily I got to her in time, but it was one of the most frightening moments I've had as a mom. Never again!

8) We used to keep a light on in her room when she went to sleep. At first it was so I could see her (was she breathing? etc.). But then she grew scared of the dark, so every time I tried to turn the light off, she'd cry. Another way we delayed her sleeping through the night. The doctor told me babies sleep much better and more deeply in the dark because darkness produces melatonin. Now I wait until she's asleep and then dim the light and it works!

What new mom mistakes did you make?


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nonmember avatar FarmersWife

The only one I agree with is being on electronics too much around my LO. I think most of the others are purely parenting/life style more so than right or wrong

mommy... mommytojack0524

 I made my share of mistakes, like not starting toothbrushing soon enough.  But one thing I glad about is that I didn't have to "insist" that my husband get up with my son. I didn't have to--he wanted to be as involved in our son's care as I was.

Diane Pritchard

I wouldn't really call any of those "mistakes" its just how you ran your ship. Nothing wrong with that. You both survived. :) Good Job

Melissa Soto Vazquez

I agree with most of these..my main mistake was being so against the paci. My daughter started sucking her index finger and everyone told me to give her a paci..well shes 7 now and still sucks that finger. I learned my lesson and as soon as my son started with the finger I gave him a paci. Took paci away at 7 months without a problem, hes three now paci free and no finger sucking.

Christina Brusso

Co-sleeping, mostly because I was breastfeeding. She didn't get out of the habit of sleeping in my bed until she was 3 and she STILL sleeps in my room! *sigh*

Munique Robinson

Done all of those, the blanket wasn't in her crib, but when she used to play on our bed (we lived in a basement & not safe to put her on the chipping up floor) she would get mixed in with stuffed animals or other toys and I'd freak out because it would look like she wasn't breathing..... she's had her share of falls and tumbles, she loves the computer, and we've never spent more than about 6 hours apart, BUT the one mistake I wish I could fix---she won't stay in her own room all night--almost every niht ends up in ours on a cushion next to the bed (which is on the floor)....


Mom2J... Mom2Just1

We co sleep and our children have had no problem transitioning to their own beds.  First child did around 6 months.  2nd child is 3 months and still co sleeping.  

Sabrina Bowen

Now where is your list of mistakes? The only one I see is that you put your child in a CRIB! Babies belong in bed with their mothers, not shoved in another room like a dog!

Todd Vrancic

Is your child still breathing?  Does the child eat more or less normally?  Get sleep regularly?  Healthy?  Happy (more or less)?  You're being too hard on yourself.

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