8 Ways to Use Breast Milk to Keep Your Baby Healthy (Besides Breastfeeding)

breastfeeding momMoms know the many, wonderful benefits of breast milk. It can help protect baby from a long list of illnesses, keep him from developing allergies, and, some research suggests, even boost his intelligence. But this miracle elixir does so much more. It actually has a variety of uses. Check out the 8 other awesome ways you can put your breast milk to work.

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gabe05 gabe05

Breastmilk can also be used in mashed potatoes, cereal, and muffin mix for a child who is sensitive to milk.  And it does wonders at clearing up diaper rash.  My daughter was very prone to diaper rash and after my pediatrician recommended it, I got a bad case cleared up by coating the rash in breastmilk for three days and then continued to coat her to prevent further rashes.  Problem solved.  The article is right about eczema too.  It's too late for me to try the other uses! 

linzemae linzemae

So can I use it for my own eczema? I have it in my armpits and I hate putting steriod cream on every day!

gabe05 gabe05

It cleared up my six year olds son's eczema when I began coating him in breastmilk from his baby brother.  I don't see why not!

ToolA... ToolArmy066

Bee sings and congestion?? My son was sick last week and this would have come in handy. Glad I know now.

lulou lulou

Linzemae, WIred had  a great article a couple years ago on the benefits of breastmilk for a number of health conditions, with adults buying it up too.   We used it on our 6 year olds pink eye, and it worked right away.   Plus those prescription drops they give you sting like hell, so it was well worth it.  Anyway for the eczema, give it a try, it wouldnt hurt anything.


nonmember avatar Connie

I hate to tell you this, but that is Not how a Neti Pot works! There is no vapor, it is not heated. It requires you to pour into one nostril and drain out the other.

IBNea... IBNeaters

I've used fresh coconut milk (from the coconut) to clear up pink eye as well.  It was gone the next morning.  Learned this one in Belize where coconut trees are everywhere!

Meghan Rogers

All three of my babies had clogged tear ducts. Everytime I nursed them I made sure to squirt them a bit in the eye, cleared up right away. I've done the ear, stuffy nose, and bug bites. My daughter decided about a week ago that she was done nursing. :(

Aaron Elisabeth Hummel

I did it for my daughter clogged tear duct and when they all had colds. it helped with stuffy noses esp in my newborn! I love this stuff!

nonmember avatar Tt

this entire list was total BS

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