8 Ways to Use Breast Milk to Keep Your Baby Healthy (Besides Breastfeeding)

Ericka Sóuter | Feb 8, 2013 Baby

breastfeeding momMoms know the many, wonderful benefits of breast milk. It can help protect baby from a long list of illnesses, keep him from developing allergies, and, some research suggests, even boost his intelligence. But this miracle elixir does so much more. It actually has a variety of uses. Check out the 8 other awesome ways you can put your breast milk to work.

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  • Unbearable Itch & Irritating Bites


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    Coat skin to soothe insect bites, bee stings, chicken pox, poison ivy, poison oak, and poison sumac.

  • Ear Infection Cure


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    Some doctors say it's a simple and effective solution for a child's ear infection. Just add a few drops to the canal every few hours and it may clear it up in a couple days.

  • Treat Cuts & Burns


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    It has antiseptic properties, so place on cuts, burns, and wounds to prevent infection and accelerate healing.

  • Conjunctivitis


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    There are no studies to support this, but breast milk advocates swear it can clear up pink eye and styes.

  • Congestion


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    Pour breast milk in a neti pot, have your child lean over it, and cover his head with a towel as he breathes in the vapors. If you don't have one, putting a few drops in his nose should do the trick.

  • Eczema


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    It is a fantastic moisturizer for babies with dry, eczema-prone skin.

  • Rash and Contact Dermatitis


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    With antimicrobial and antiseptic properties, it eases pain and itchiness.

  • Clogged Tear Ducts


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    Tons of mothers claim it can unclog blocked tear ducts.


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