11 Wacky Ways Babies 'Crawl'

baby crawling
Crawling. It's one of those milestones we just can't wait for our babies to figure out, and we can drive ourselves nuts trying to make it happen. If I could get back all the time I spent fretting over when my baby would start crawling, I could probably get half the crafts on Pinterest completed!

Here's the truth, Moms and Dads: not all babies crawl! And when they do get a move on, they all seem to find their own special way to get around. Afraid your baby isn't normal? Just wait until you read these moms' confessions!


1. My daughter didn't crawl. She would lie on her back and push herself around the house with her feet. You should have seen the bald spot on the back of her head from her head rubbing on the ground!

2. My autistic child army crawled till he learned how to walk.

3. My brother preferred to roll himself everywhere he went!

4. My daughter always pushed off on one toe so she got a blister on that toe.

5. My sister crawled backward!

6. My daughter scooted around on her little booty!

7.  My son had what we called the crab crawl: one leg bent and under him. It was so cute!

8. My daughter was a was a butt crawler. Then, as she mastered that, she would move so fast that it would be her hands and feet on the floor with her butt slightly off the floor.

9. My son would kneel on one knee and pull himself along with the other foot.

10. My son sits cross-legged with one foot under him and he pushes with the other foot and pulls with his arms. Everytime he looks like he is going to crawl the"right way" he just stops and sits!

11. My boy was a bum shuffler; very effective way of getting around as his hands were always free. It made for mud-filled nappies though!

Do you have a goofy crawler on your hands? How do they get around?


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