7 Natural Cradle Cap Treatments That Really Work (PHOTOS)

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Cradle cap is one of those things about parenthood no one ever tells you to expect. All of a sudden your beautiful little peach is shedding big yellow scales of nastiness from their precious head and you have no idea why. Welcome to motherhood!

We had this with my second child and spent a lot of time trying to figure out why and trying to treat it. It turns out, it was easier than we expected to prevent and keep it at bay.

Doctors still aren't exactly sure why cradle cap occurs, but oily skin is one major issue. It could also be the mother's hormones that the baby is exposed to pre-birth. It could be as simple as dead skin that sticks to oily skin or even a kind of yeast infection. Whatever the cause, it isn't pretty. Here are 7 treatments for cradle cap, from the doctor-approved to the mom-tested.

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