Hidden Camera Catches Nanny Abusing Baby (VIDEO)

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nanny cam I guess this is why nanny cams were invented. A Staten Island mom suspected something was up with her babysitter and had a hidden camera installed in her carbon monoxide detector. She said she was going to the store one afternoon in late January, but really, she went to a nearby location to watch the nanny cam feed. Shortly after she left, the nanny gave the 5-month-old baby a bottle, then began hitting it across the face and shaking the infant when it refused to be fed.

The mother then rushed home and called the police.

Their nanny, a 52-year-old Uzbekistan-native, put up a fight the next day when the cops showed up, but was ultimately arrested. She's been charged with endangering the welfare of a child and resisting arrest -- she's currently being held in jail.

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Even though this story is horrifying, it serves as a good reminder to follow your instincts. This mom knew something was up and wasn't shy about installing a hidden camera and getting the sad evidence she needed so that the nanny could pay for her crimes.

Granted, I don't know why the mom didn't just fire the woman the second she thought there was anything wrong, but I imagine she had a good reason to take the nanny-cam route.

Regardless, there's a happy ending. The kids are now safe and the nanny is behind bars ... all thanks to a mother's intuition.

The video evidence of the abuse is hard to watch, so be warned.

Would you ever install a nanny cam?


Photo via topsellers2/YouTube

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twili... twilightsbella

Wtf stupid bitch i have a 4month old baby if this bitch did that to my son id hurt her so bad i hope they torture her ass in jail

sconn... sconniegirl

Thank God she decided to wait it out and record her! If she had just fired her, there would be potential for other children to be hurt. What a sick and twisted person, deserves to rot behind bars.

Roxygurl Roxygurl

Ugh pure disgusting trash and I hope she gets the book thrown at her.

Now I am a nanny and love my charges to pieces and would never harm them so before this turns into an anti nanny post remember not all of us are bad, there are bad apples in every group.

corri... corrinacs

Ugh, I hate seeing stories like this!  It's just so sad seeing these innocent children getting hurt because someone doesn't want to "deal" with them!  People that are even PAID to deal with them!!!

doodledo doodledo

What a monster. So glad my son was never left with nannies or baby sitters or even relatives. I don't trust people and would totally install a nanny cam if I had left my child in someone elses care.

nonmember avatar sarah

that instantly made my stomach upset. you best believe that woman would have left my house in pain! who would ever think that its ok to slap a baby?

we2an... we2angels

My heart just shattered. That's horrible

ALove... ALovelyWife

I would absolutely install a nanny camera in my house, simply for the peace of mind that it would give me. I'm glad that "nanny" is behind bars. I was sick to my stomach when I was watching that video. Awful. 

nonmember avatar Sam

Nannie cam woulda caught me comin upside this bitches head with a bat if that were my child.

Stacey. Stacey.

I would have murdered that bitch

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