5 Things Babysitters Do Better Than Parents

babysitterThere are some things moms and dads do that just can't be duplicated. A boo-boo kiss from grandpa isn't the same as a boo-boo kiss from daddy. And, sorry, but nobody gives cuddles like mama. But believe it or not, there are certain things that nannies or babysitters actually do better than parents. Crazy, I know, but it's true.

Here are 5 things babysitters do better than mamas and daddies.


1. Not freak out when something seems wrong. Thinking there's something wrong with your kid -- that they're sick or they got hurt -- is truly one of the worst feelings in the world. Babysitters and nannies seem to fare better in these circumstances. Maybe it's because it isn't their kid, or maybe they're just trying to be a calming force for you -- whatever the reason, they definitely remain calmer when the going gets rough.

2. Pay attention to the pet. Sometimes pets get a little overlooked when a baby comes around. Sad, but a reality. Nannies and babysitters are good at not forgetting about them -- they are "watching" them too after all.

3. Remember things. How many times do you tell yourself to buy X when you go out, but then come home and realize you forgot it? The nanny won't do that. If you ask her or him to remind you to get X when you go out, she or he usually will. (Or if you ask him or her to pick up X, she or he usually will.) It's partly because they're probably less frazzled than you, partly because it's part of their job. Think about it: If your boss asks you to do something, you usually don't forget, right?

4. Letting baby "fuss" a little. When you're a parent, it's hard to let your baby fuss. Personally, I have a hard time doing it for more than a few minutes -- even when I know the reason for the fussing is sheer exhaustion. It's easier for someone who isn't baby's mom or dad to stand their ground a little longer. I'm fairly positive my daughter naps better when I'm at work, because when I'm home? Ten minutes of fussing I'm in her room.

5. Cleaning up. Again, maybe it's because it's not their house, but the babysitter always seems to be better at putting stuff away than I am. Sometimes, an hour into playing with my daughter, I look around and realize, "Wow. This place really is a hole right now."

What things does your babysitter do that you love?


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