Moms Who Potty Train Their Babies Are Forcing Them to Grow Up

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pottiesAt least once a week, I find myself saying something along the lines of, "I really miss when my son was a baby." And I do, I truly do. I miss his chubby little cheeks. I miss rocking him to sleep at night. And I miss spending my days cuddling him and playing with him.

But there's one thing I definitely don't miss -- diapers. I don't care who you are, changing diapers is really a huge pain in the butt sometimes. And I'm guessing that's why so many moms from other cultures potty train their babies before they turn a year old -- because it's cheaper and a lot less messy than diapers.

Yes, it's true -- it is possible to have your baby potty trained before their first birthday, if you follow the traditional method used by Vietnamese mothers.

Believe it or not, Vietnamese moms start potty training their infants at birth (?!?) -- and by the age of 9 months, their babies are out of diapers. So, how do they accomplish this crazy feat? Well, it's pretty simple actually -- they whistle.

Basically, when the baby shows signs of needing to pee, the mom starts to whistle, and eventually the babies learn to associate the whistling with needing to go. (Like Pavlov's dog.)

Huh. Sure sounds easy enough.

But for the life of me, I just can't understand why moms anywhere would want to go this route, because forcing your baby to potty train at such a young age really seems like pressuring them to grow up. They're little for such a short time, so we should spend our days savoring the moments while they're babies instead of trying to turn them into little adults. And in addition to not wanting them to grow up too fast, we already have enough challenges as parents without introducing something as major as early potty training into the mix.

Of course, maybe I'd feel differently about potty training a baby if I were transported back to the baby stage. My son is almost 7 years old, so our diaper days are long gone. It's quite possible if I were still dealing with explosive diaper blowouts on a regular basis, I'd be all for sticking him on the toilet and giving it a go.

Have you considered potty training your baby?


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MsRkg MsRkg

Your baby can still be a baby and enjoy all the usual baby moments while still being potty trained.

randh... randhferedinos

Actually from observing my own babies I know that they didn't prefer pooping or peeing in a diaper from birth. It's not that much of a stretch to guide them into an alternative place to relieve themselves. It's sounds like a bit of work for me and so I go with diapers, which are easier. Maybe our third will be the lucky kid who doesn't have to defecate on themselves from an earlier age.

miche... micheledo

I potty train early (usually by 18 months), but have always wanted t otry it from birth. I don't see how it is forcing them to grow up. It isn't like you demand the child not go in a diaper. You just learn their cues and a method to convey it is time to go. I just have never been able to get in a good routine. It is easier to just let them go in a diaper. But would probably save me time in the long run!

nonmember avatar Rhi

It's probably more of a neccesity in a country where you have to take your cloth diapers to a river to wash them. If I had been a stay at home mom I would have had my son potty trained sooner than 3 years, but dad prefered the diaper route.

nonmember avatar Gretta

I think this is one of those issues where you can't go wrong either way.... It's your kid.

kjbug... kjbugsmom1517

Thats some serious over achieving. Even for me being an over achiever.

kelti... kelticmom

Maybe I'm slow, but how do you potty train from birth, even under 12 months, when they can't sit up, walk, etc? My son was just walking at 11 months. How do you potty train a child that can't walk? If you constantly have to carry them to the toilet and hold them there, what's the point?

kelti... kelticmom

I never pushed potty training. I simply put the potty out and told him what it was for. At first he had NO interest. But then one day, at 3 1/2, he went in on his own and peed in it. That was it. No more diapers, absolutely zero accidents (even nighttime) a year later. You can't force it, they will do it on their own time.

tuffy... tuffymama

Mary Fischer, you are nuts.

EC is a proven method of potty training an infant that is caring and empathic to the child, and healthier for everyone involved AND the planet. Most kids were out of diapers before age one before rubber pants were made. I was using the potty at ten months, as soon as I could walk. My mother trained me to do it. Early training and EC don't work with every kid or every mom. But it is a great method to research. Google "elimination communication."

tuffy... tuffymama


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