New Vaccine Schedule for Babies: What Moms Need to Know

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vaccinesSettled on a vaccine schedule for your baby yet? Hold that thought. The American Academy of Pediatrics has come out with a new schedule that's supposed to be easier for us parents to read and follow. 

The number of parents choosing to vaccinate on their own schedule has been increasing in recent years. As much as half the babies in a recent study were on a delayed schedule! It's awfully temping to come up with your own plan. But who are you going to listen to? Other moms or the AAP?

Here are the highlights of the new schedule to help you decide: 

1. The AAP has NOT changed to a delayed schedule, instead sticking to the old timing and recommending parents follow the vaccine time table to the T to protect kids from the following 16 diseases: Diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis (whooping cough), Haemophilus influenzae type b (can cause meningitis, arthritis, pneumonia), Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Human papillomavirus (HPV), Influenza (flu), measles, mumps, rubella (German measles), meningococcal (can cause meningitis, sepsis), pneumococcal (incl. ear infections, pneumonia, meningitis), Poliomyelitis (polio), rotavirus, and varicella (chickenpox).

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2. All pregnant women should get the whooping cough vaccine in the second half of their pregnancy. This is in response to whooping cough cases rising to a 50-year high, and it will enable moms to pass an immunity to their newborns that should help protect the baby until they're old enough to get the shot.

3. Parents no longer have to change lists when their kid hits 7. The new schedule will follow your child all the way from babyhood to 18.

4. Kids 4 to 6 and adolescents get a new focus in the new list. This is a period when there are traditionally fewer vaccines to worry about, but the AAP doesn't want parents to forget those that matter.

The CDC is already carrying an updated version of the new vaccine schedule.

Will you be following it with your baby?


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purpl... purpleflower514

No I will not be. We follow a delayed schedule based on research and talking to the doctor (we compormised on things, he was able to jab my baby more than I originally wanted and he agreed to leave some until he is older without nagging me).

I am not pregnant but I was I would not get the pertussis vaccine, not until a nonbias party conducts a study on the safety of having it while pregnant.

SaphireH SaphireH

Im gonna do whatever needed for my kids to keep them healthy and up to date. I didnt get told about the dtap until the day after having my youngest but i got it.

krazi... kraziandkoul

Nope, I won't be. I refuse to let my child get 5+ vaccines in one day... we will spread them out. I am not against vaccines, but I do not think a child's system (or poor little legs) need to be attacked like "they" say it needs to be.

nonmember avatar Guest

That schedule is not "new". The age reccomendations are exactly the same as they have been the last several years. The only difference is it shows up to age 18 on the same table instead of listing ages 7+ on a different page.

nicki... nicki.hemingway

Nope, not happening.  We stopped vaxing after my son had a very severe life threatening reaction.  We stopped then.  Surprisingly my kids don't get sick, go figure.

Shrew2u Shrew2u

The schedule hasn't changed, and my kids will stay on schedule.

Kattey Kattey

DD has been vaccinated on schedule. I don't know how some of yall doctors do it but she's never had more than 2 shots and 1 oral vaccine at a time anyway. Also, she's never been sick with the exception of 1 ear infection that only lasted a couple days.

Renee Myers

i just want to remind parents that just because you give your kids all these shots does not mean they wont get this stuff... from the time my 5 year old got his vaccines normal times.. then when he got his mri and chicken pox his whole leg broke out in rash and stopped interacting... needless to say a year later diagnosed with autism. so not all kids can handle these so young. this is why i have put those two major vaccines off for my 2 year old till he is 3 or older when his body can handle all this and he wont have autism like his brother. i just hate that they say you have to and it is your choice as a parent to say no not today. also if the drs and everyone says that these do not cause autism but i seen it with my son and why then is all these kids are ending up with this then?? i wish i would have known then that my son is also allergic to milk which is also a main source in eggs for all these shots and the mercury and alluminim in these shots... sorry i have to let anyone that is a new parent know what ive been through. it has been so hard as a mom to think that i could have stopped this to begin with.

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