Kate Middleton Chooses Royal Nanny & We Approve

kate middleton
Pippa, Carole, and Kate Middleton.
Kate Middleton would allegedly like to hire her mom, Carole Middleton, to be the royal nanny. A supposed friend of the Duchess told an Australian magazine that Kate wants her mother to help her care for the future king or queen of England when he or she arrives in July, breaking tradition of hiring a royal nanny equipped with all the bells and whistles of childcare expertise.

After the rough pregnancy Kate's had with the hyperemesis and all, I can totally understand why she'd want her mom to be there to help her with the baby, and not some stranger.

Especially after what went down at the hospital during her first trimester. To know that someone took their own life because they were apparently so distraught after unknowingly being a part of some radio DJ's ploy to get news on your pregnancy has got to make one a little gun shy about hiring someone from the outside.

Kate, like all new moms, just wants someone she can trust. Hiring help can almost cause as much stress as it alleviates -- is this person qualified? will she care for my baby as she would her own? what if she burps my baby on a non-organic cloth!! -- so if Kate's mom is willing to lend a hand, I think it's a win-win all around.

Even though the Duchess has all the money in the world and everything she could ever want for her, or her baby, is but an intercom page away, she's still like everyone else and just wants trusted family around when the little bundle of joy arrives.

Because when the shit hits the fan, and the diaper, there's no one better to help clean things up than mom.

Did your mom help you out after giving birth?


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DebaLa DebaLa

Yes, and it was great, but I miss her more for my daughter now in her teen years. They would have been great friends, following an already lovely love affair that only grands and children can have.

Melan... MelanieJK

No,  my mom lives about 1000 miles away,   has a career and four other kids of childbearing age scattered around the country so she's not really available for my full time nanny.     They did visit for a week shortly after the birth and several long weekends over the first year of both. 

I'm sure if we were in the situation of Kate mom would have helped out but I can't see her wanting or agreeing to be paid for it.

Torra... TorranceMom

My parents were still working when both my kids were born & they live about 2,500 miles away so they helped out for as long as they could (2 weeks).

jalaz77 jalaz77

Little. She helped with our 2nd, he was a c/s and I was discharged on Christmas Eve so parents spent the night and we had Christmas and dinner at our house. We did christmas eve with my MIL and her boyfriend the day I got home (that was too much). It was a bit overwhelming but appreciated. I preferred my mom and dad over the in laws but at least the holidays were done and we relaxed after. I am glad her mom will help BUT why does she need a nanny? What does a princess do? Don't mean to sound mean but it's one kid.

nonmember avatar MomofTwo

Definitely the best choice around! Im very lucky and have my mom around to help me with my kids as well.. there is no better feeling than seeing your babies choose your mom over you and knowing that your babies are being cared for with the same love and affection that you grew up knowing! I work full time but I feel very blessed to have my mom there to watch my kids.

Mishelle Lancman Berglund

What a great choice! I was lucky to have my parents around when both of my kids were born. My kids have a special bond with my parents.

schlis schlis

My MIL brought us meals for a few weeks, and occasionally came over and watched the baby so i could nap after dh had to go back to work. It was EXACTLY what i wanted and needed.

CariAnn Olson

Nope! My mom was(When I had my son-2008)and is currently out of the country. To be honest, my mom would have driven me nuts.

fever... feverishpink

Yes my mom helped after both births of my children now age 12 and 15.

jessi... jessicasmom1

Yes my mom helped during and after birth

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