Dolce & Gabbana Makes Perfume for Babies -- Because Yours Doesn't Smell Good Enough

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baby smellDoes your baby stink like stank? If so, you're in luck, because Dolce & Gabbana just released a new baby perfume that promises to make your little one smell sweeter than, well -- a baby.

No, not a perfume that makes you smell like a baby (Love's Baby Soft already came up with that concept in the '80s), but a perfume that is designed specifically for your baby to wear, wait for it -- to enhance the way he/she smells.

Yes, seriously.

Wait -- it gets even more bizarre.

The company's press release on the product reads as follows:

This perfume is also inspired by the smell of a baby and is 'designed to cuddle and pamper every little boy and girl', which means it’s fine for delicate skin, is unisex, but ultimately, mimics the smell of a baby's skin.

Excuse me? It "mimics the smell of a baby's skin"?

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Um, correct me if I'm wrong, but if the product was designed with the intention that babies would wear it to make them smell better, then how does a scent that smells exactly like they already smell have any sort of appeal?

I'm confused.

I know I'm not alone in admitting to sniffing the hell out of my son when he was a baby, because his scent was nothing short of sheer perfection. Oh, c'mon, does anything on the face of this earth smell better than the top of a baby's head? (Nope.)

And let's forget about how ridiculous the idea of spraying perfume on a baby is for a sec -- considering just how delicate their skin is, how can we be sure this perfume is actually safe for them? Sure, it's alcohol free, which is a plus, but I haven't been able to find a list of ingredients anywhere. I was cautious enough about which baby lotions and diaper creams I put on my son, so I can't imagine how parents feel good about dousing their bundle of joy in cologne.

Oh yeah, one more thing -- a bottle of this stuff will set you back $45. Forty-five bucks! To make your baby smell like a baby!

Sorry, I just can't seem to wrap my head around this one.

Be honest -- would you even consider buying baby perfume for your child?


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blunt... bluntcakes

What's your issue? This is no different that johnson&johnson coming out with even more scented lotions and soaps for babies. Frankly I think it's a cute idea. How that got a stick up your ass ill never understand.

nonmember avatar Betty

wow bluntcakes the issue here is obvious. this idea is stupid and doesnt even compare to Johnson and Johnson products. babies dont need to smell like designer cologne. who are they trying to impress? do they got a hot date that night or something. taking care of a baby can be very expensive when it comes to the NECCESSITES that a baby needs. i would never even think of blowing 45 bucks for something as stupid as this. She doesnt have a stick up her a$$ she just has common sense that most mothers would agree with.

Blues... Blueshark77

Agree with Betty! It is a stupid product and I would never buy it. I had to show it to my perfume hating boyfriend and he physically shuddered. Seriously, buy a product to make your baby smell like a baby?!

nonmember avatar Sam

J&J makes a baby perfume, too. I think it's kind of weird. The only thing I can think of it being useful for is to help pump when you're away from baby.

Kimberly Sullivan

Well Johnson and Johnson all ready did it they have for some time had a bottled baby cologne.  And I admit, first I had 3 fabulous little boys, then I had my one baby girl.  I have done everything girl under the sun with her, including buy a bottle of most delicious smelling baby parfume by Mustela.  Just adding to her yummy smell and having a little fun.

Kimberly Sullivan

My point was Dolce and Gabbana were not the first, at least 2 others had beat the too it.


Ashleigh Love'nLife Mack

i would never put Perfume on my baby when shes a baby but as a toddler is a different story because iv seen plenty of toddlers want to put perfume on after they seen adult put some on so for a toddler i think its cute & a good idea some thing thats SAFE & wont make them smell like a adult

Miche... Michelephant

Baby perfume has been around for a ling time. And for some people it's a cultural thing, so you should'nt bash moms that use it.  My family is Cuban and we all wore a scented oil (kind of like a perfume) as babies.  When my child was born I got some as a gift from one of my relatives.  To me that's what babies should smell like. For others it may seem silly. But there is no reason for this much hostility over some perfume.

nonmember avatar Alma Gonzalez

I get your point, putting cologne on a baby or new born is not something I would do.

But on my toddlers maybe. I love the smell of a baby. I tend to put j&j baby lotion on my 4yr old just so he can have that sence of baby. So I would honestly not have a problem with getting him and my 2yr old a baby scented perfume.

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