8 Stylish Slings for Every Type of Babywearing Mama

ring slingWhen I was pregnant, I used to watch the babywearing moms with awe. These ladies knew how to actually get things done and be good parents all at the same time!

The only problem? I went to get a baby carrier, and I was totally lost. Did I want to do a kangaroo carry or a Buddha carry (hint: they're the same thing)? Is my baby going to be lost if I don't have a ring sling? And what the heck is a mei tai?

There are so many different kinds of slings -- front, back, cloth, supported -- that it can be daunting to have to choose! But this mama has your back. And your front and hip too.

Here's a quick look at some of the more popular kinds of baby carriers out there so you can figure out your babywearing style!

What's your babywearing style? Is it on our list?


Image via Maya Wrap

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Fukoro Fukoro

Please be careful with the bjorn carrier, it pita pressure at the baby's groin that can cause serious problems. I recommend any of the other carriers, but not the bjorn-no crotch danglers!

nonmember avatar Cynthia

Stay away from carriers like the baby bjorn! This style carrier puts pressure on the groin and spine and can cause serious problems for baby and for the person carrying! All the other carriers shown are great options for parents and babies!

Wheep... Wheepingchree

I used the Moby wrap with my daughter up until she was about 6 months, then switched to the Ergo carrier.

efilitha efilitha

We Indonesian use Selendang of course.

truth... truthrowan

Ring slings, or Selendang, (which I didn't know had a name, I just took my favorite sheet my husband ripped and salvaged the fabric, and made a knot tie sling for my kids)

nonmember avatar Gretta

That Boba wrap worked WONDERS for my newborn! He would settle right down and sleep.

Blues... Blueshark77

I have a Moby wrap I received at my baby shower. Some of these slings are ridiculously overpriced for a piece of fabric.

Katy Khan

I know blue! I went to buy my first sling and was like whaaaaaat , 50 dollars? But I LOVE them so I had to get it.

Waag Waag

My moby wrap is a life savor with a newborn and toddler I highly recommend it it's worth the prive

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