Hospital Worker Tapes Pacifier to 4-Month-Old's Mouth

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pacifierWe've all had those wicked little thoughts of things we'd love to do to our kids but never really would. You know: donating the wild toddler to the zoo, taping that pacifier to the baby's mouth so they will stop throwing it! Well, you'd hope no one would do that, but it seems someone thought it was a good idea to tape a binky to a baby.

Where it happened is almost as disturbing as what went down. The 4-month-old was -- get this -- at a hospital!

Before I go any further, if you're anything like me, I know your heart is in your mouth because you're worried about the baby. Good news. He's fine! He suffered no ill effects from having a pacifier stuck to his face.

That's no thanks, of course, to the imbecile who did this to him at the Mid Staffordshire Foundation Trust in the UK. It's considered such a serious offense that the cops have been called in to investigate. Which leads me to wonder how they ended up in the medical field in the first place?

Ask any mom, and she'll tell you she won't leave her baby with just "anyone." You don't hand your baby to grocery store clerk or the waitress so you can make a run to the bathroom. But most of us will leave our kids alone in a hospital room for a short bit of time (enough to grab a cup of coffee or a quick shower) without thinking twice.

Of all the people we would expect our babies to be safe with it, it's medical professionals, the people who aren't just trained in proper care of kids but also tend to have heard a "calling" to help people.

But then stories like this pop up, and we're right back to trusting no one with our kids. Because it's one thing for someone to think jokingly that it would be so much easier to do something like tape a baby's pacifier in place. It's another thing entirely to actually do it.

Would you leave your baby alone in a hospital room? Does this story make you more or less likely?


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Mamab... MamabearC

I already did leave my baby in a hospital room.Her whole first week after being born she wouldn't latch on and when she did, she stopped soon after and so she became dehydrated and had to be put in NICU for the whole 2nd week of her life. I wasn't allowed to stay with her at night. I trusted the staff but if anything had happened to her because of their abuse,neglect or laziness there would've been hell to pay, that's for sure. Do I think this deserves jail time?No. The person who did this though, needs to seriously rethink their career choice....ok and I think the mom should be allowed to bitch-slap this person at least once.That's only fair.

doodledo doodledo

I was lucky that my baby was never without either me or my husband at anytime after birth. I would be worried sick to leave my baby alone in a hospital and then if something like this happened I would lose what trust I have. I think getting fired and a big fine might make the moron that thought taping a pacifier to a babies mouth was a good idea, think twice. That person should not be working with patients.

Gages... Gages_Mommy32

If that were my baby, I would be LIVID. If I had the choice after my son was born, he would never have been without me or my husband. But my hospital didn't allow the baby to be in the room if mom and dad were both sleeping. So he stayed in the nursery until they brought him to me to nurse. If for any reason he had to be hospitalized again, he would definitely NOT be left without me, his dad or another trusted family member. What that hospital employee did is beyond wrong and they should be fired at the very least.

escob... escobedocutie86

Seriously I'm due in acouple days and my husband thinks I'm crazy because I told him when the time comes FOLLOW OUR BABY . If he doesn't and something happens he will be bitch slapped just as hard as the idiot that messed up!

JessieandCasey Morgan

My son had all sorts of problems when he was born, shoulder dystocia, GBS and pnemonia. He was in the NICU from the day he was born and I wasn't able to leave my room for the first day or two (I can't quite remember) but I trusted the women in the NICU with his safety completely. He was in there with them alone most of the time, unless I went in to feed or cuddle with him. Luckily they were all very good at what they did (one of them actually cried when it was time for us to go home) but that is certainly a scary thing to think about... Some people shouldn't be in that line of work, such as my doctor. She was the WORST doctor I have ever seen or heard of. But that is an entirely different story all together.

mrssu... mrssundin

OK ladies and gents sometimes the nursing staff using the binkies as a soother exspecially when they are going to do medical procedures. If its one nurse giving a shot or something else she doesn't have a second hand to hold the binki in place. My two daughters and two of my sons spent a total of over a year in the NICU if you add there time together and they use binkies all the time during iv's blood draws had shots. Sucking is a stress reliever for infants. So they use it to keep stress down during activities that need to be performed. So if she was the only nurse and the mother chose to walk out which I find dumb as hell what would you like for her to do?? Raise the child's stress so high that it could do damage to other parts of his body???

Candace Jennings

That's no excuse. If she (or he) was the only nurse, how about asking for help?! You're right, sucking is a stress reliever for babies, but what kind of sucking motion do you think was going on with the binky TAPED to the baby's mouth?

Autumn Williamson

mrssundin -- using a paci as a soother is one thing, taping it in the baby's mouth is another thing entirely.


Trent... TrentonGirl

When my daugher was 26 days old she was put in the hospital for 4 days and i never left her side. Not even to get a drink. I would wait till my husband or mom would come by and tell them to bring me a drink.

Bobby N Ashley Colby

terrible article... but even worse i wish there would have been more details... as per how it happened, when it happened, what happened to the woman or even the baby???? where are the details with this story??

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