Little Baby Blabbermouth Talks Non-Stop & We Love It (VIDEO)


baby talkingEvery parent knows that there's a very specific difference between a baby making noises ("goo-goo ga-ga"), and a baby "talking." Now, when I say "talking" here, I don't mean actual words coming out of your child's mouth, I mean it's still a bunch of nonsensical gibberish, but it totally sounds like, well, a legitimate language. It has something to do with the cadence, and the sounds, and the general expression of determination and concern on a little one's face. And the baby in this here video? She's 110 percent "talking." In fact, she sounds like she has a Southern accent -- which is actually perfect, because I can't imagine this child won't be an auctioneer.

What is this girl saying here? Personally, I have no clue. But I'm sure her parents have an idea -- a very vague and general idea.

It's funny how once babies start talking, or "talking", pretty much only Mom and Dad know what they're saying. I was always amazed at how after I said "what?" to small children more than once at something that sounded like "bwaaggggraathooo", a mom would say, "She wants to know if you like her teddybear."

My daughter isn't talking yet. A few words here and there: "Mama"; "Dada"; I thought I heard a "pup" the other day. But still, I have a general idea as to what she's saying when other people haven't the faintest clue. It's cute, and now I get how other moms were able to decode their child's language.

And with that said, I would love to know what this little girl is saying here. These parents have their work cut out for them.

Were you able to understand your baby's "talking"?


Image via ToddleTale/YouTube

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Boobo... Boobookittt74

I have an almost three year old and I understand her perfectly but almost everyone else has to pay close attention or they don't know what the hell she's talking about. Just because of how she pronounces some words but I love how she talks its too cute! Now my 1 yr old is limited but I'm sure ill be the first one to understand her

doodledo doodledo

Omg that was awesome!

Taisie Taisie


baby7810 baby7810

they r gonna have a talk your ear off kind of girl LOL

lilmi... lilminnie

LOL!! Love it....and yes it's so true, only the parents have a vague idea what her conversation is about.


Phucket Phucket

My youngest daughter was like that. She started in depth serious conversations in her own language at 3 months and has never stopped! Because she relied on her own language for so long, at 2.5y she still was using it and not really using English, a team of speech pathologists did some tests and found her vocabulary to be at a 5yr old level. It's just taking her time learning how to use it all and say what she wants to! Very bright kid and I think this kid will be the same!

mikes... mikesmom65270

My DS did that and sometimes I knew more or less what he was trying to say.  My dad once said that all babies were Martians and spoke Martian but since we weren't able to learn their language, they had to learn ours!

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