I Kiss My Baby on the Mouth & I Love It

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I kiss my baby on the mouth and I love it. Love it, love it, love it. I started doing it minutes after my daughter was born, and nine months later, when she's teething and drooly, our make-out sessions are still going strong.

In all honesty, I thought this was something all moms did. Until I did it in front of a friend the other day, and she went: "Oh, you do that?"

"What?" I laughed. "Mouth-kiss my baby?"

"Yeah," she said giggly and disgusted. "I'm not really into that."

"I always do it," I said, karate-chopping a line of drool.

A third mom-friend who was there chimed in, "Oh, I do it, too."

But our one friend wasn't having it. So, clearly all moms aren't mouth-kissers.

My husband has never been a huge fan of planting kisses on our daughter's lips. "Do it," I sometimes tell him. "It feels so good." He'll give her a sweet little peck on her tiny baby kisser, but it's clear he's more into cheek, head, and tummy smooches.

So, what is it? It's not just a dude thing if other moms aren't into it. Personally, I think it's sweet. In fact, it's my very favorite place to kiss my baby. She's even now taken to "giving kisses back", AKA she opens her mouth up wide when I say, "Give mama a kiss" in a high-pitched squeal.

The thing is, I know there will come a time when my daughter isn't as enthusiastic or delighted to kiss me as she is now. There will come a time when mouth-kisses definitely aren't welcomed, and in fact, they'll be weird. That time is very far off, but I'm dreading it. So, I don't know, maybe I'm trying to get as much out of her babyhood as I possibly can. Maybe I want to be as close as humanly possibly right now. Maybe I want to do things that only a mama can/is willing to do to, in some odd way, express my love.

Or maybe I'm just gross.

Do you kiss your baby on the mouth?


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nonmember avatar Brandy

Makeout sessions? Seriously?? THAT right there would be whats wrong with it. Mouth kissing is for your so NOT your children or other family members. You really crossed the line to creepy when you refer to them as makeout sessions.

Anony... AnonyMOUSE715

It just seems a little inappropriate to kiss kids on the mouth. That should be saved for your s/o but to each their own

Kimbyann Kimbyann

I do. I grew up kissing my mother on her mouth so it seemed normal to me but dh and most people around here act weird about it

mamaw... mamawidup

I feel this way entirely. And its not the same kind of feeling as when you kiss you're spouse, its a different kind of love.

nonmember avatar Shannon

Actually, what we consider "romantic" kissing originated from the maternal kiss --- which was, you guessed it, a kiss on the mouth.

DeAnna Collins

I don't see how people can judge mouth kissing a baby as perverted when it's actually adorable. This is one sick society we live in.

nonmember avatar Jenna

Of course I do it. My 6 month old gets all excited and my 3 yr old makes a game out of it. He'll kiss you over and over and over again until you make the "muah" sound. Alot of the problem now a days is people over sexualize EVERYTHING! From breast to mouth kissing your kids

LoveM... LoveMyHunni

I kiss my son on the lips sometimes, usually just on his forehead or cheek.  Then one day when he was about 16 months, he came up to me and planted a kiss right on my lips...soo sweet my heart  just melted :)

nurse... nursemama88

I love baby kisses! I kiss DD on the lips bc my mom did that to me when I was little and I don't find it weird at all. DD loves it.

NicoleFW NicoleFW

Um, "makeout sessions" was a joke.

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