'Teen Mom' Kailyn Lowry Has the Right Idea About Babywearing (PHOTO)

kailyn lowry

Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry recently tweeted a photo of herself holding a friend's newborn in a sling, along with the message: "Babywearing! Definitely getting a sling for my next baby!" And I've gotta say: I think Kailyn has the right idea here going with a sling. Some of those other baby carriers can be confusing in the very beginning. Or maybe it was just me?

Before my daughter was born, I got three baby carriers. I know. They were all gifts, and truth be told, I was convinced I wouldn't be able to live without a single one. I graciously received the Baby Bjorn; the Mei Tai; and the Moby Wrap. I figured the Moby Wrap -- which I think is so beautiful and natural-looking -- would be my go-to during the no neck control phase, and the other two would be for after.

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Yeah, that didn't happen.

For those of you who don't know about the Moby Wrap, let me tell you: It's involved. It's a looong piece of fabric, and basically you have to tie it over your body just so, and insert your child in between your twists and knots. I tried using it the first few weeks of my daughter's life and it just didn't happen -- she didn't like it; I had a hard time properly arranging it; and it was generally just a hot mess. So for the first few months of my baby's life, there was no babywearing for me. Just babyholding.

Once my daughter gained control of her neck, I was able to use the Moby Wrap, as well as the Baby Bjorn (I used the Mei Tei once, I think; nothing against it, just preferred the other two). I love the look and feel of the Moby Wrap -- very earth mama -- but I usually go with the Bjorn as it's more convenient to just strap on.

But yeah, in the very beginning there was no babywearing for me. It was kind of a bummer. I think that part of the reason was that -- almost from the very start -- my child loved facing outward. You can't have an outward-facing baby in a carrier if they don't have control of their neck. Also, I was just flustered then. Bottom line: Baby who wants to be facing outward + fluster = not a good recipe for leisurely strolling the streets of Brooklyn with an infant strapped to your chest.

Next time around, I'm going sling (like Kailyn's wearing). It just seems much easier to tuck a small one into a pouch-type thing without having to tie anything. What can I say? Me and Kailyn Lowry: Twinsies in every way.

Did you use a sling?


Image via Kailyn Lowry/Instagram

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Blues... Blueshark77

Baby is still in the belly right now, but I have the Moby wrap. I've practiced wrapping it enough to where I feel comfortable putting it on. I'll probably put on the wrap before I go anywhere though so I can just take my daughter from the car seat to the wrap so I don't have to worry about dragging the ends on the ground while putting it on.

NewMo... NewMomma.S

When baby wearing please make sure your baby is supported to the knee on their little legs. Letting the baby's legs dangle is bad for their hips.

Dagny Fitzwater

I have a homemade Maya Ring Sling, another Maya RS, a Boba and an Ergo.  I am due with #3 any day now.  I have never used a carrier with a baby before but used the Maya RS with my son and daughter.  I LOVE babywearing!

nonmember avatar Rebecca Prosser

These slings are banned in New Zealand as they have caused deaths from the baby suffocating. The sling puts them in an akward womb like position that means the baby cannot breath correctly. I had one for my son and it was very akward to use and as soon as I found out it was banned stopped using it immediately. I think at least two babies in NZ died in one of these.

Andre... Andreamom001

I tried to use a sling with ds1 and it did not work-the one I got (a popular national brand) did not adjust small enough and he fell out of the bottom of it once.  I didn't dare trust it after that (I caught him, no harm done).

With my second, I made my own version of a Moby wrap and watched videos on wearyourbaby.com to learn an easy front tie--used it ALL THE TIME with ds2--when he was a newborn people would catch a glimpse of me and think I was suddenly nine months pregnant (ds is adopted).  I never really mastered a back carry, though I have done it a couple times.  I can tie the front carry I like in my sleep, I think.

Love the Moby.  Adjustable as baby grows, and mom shrinks or grows, as the case may be, fit no matter what clothing is on, etc.

Now I also have a simple, non-adjustable sling in the right size that I use occaisionally now that ds2 is a toddler who often reaches his hands up and says "ca-wee yoo?"  :-)

MaoChow MaoChow

I used a Moby wrap. Hated it! They aren't very compatible with living in the deep South during the summer months. Everyone just gets hot and sweaty! I did get a mei tei and an ergonomic carrier which we used when she was older. Expecting #2 and I plan on using a sling for a while until they have more control and then into the Ergo they go. 

Lynnea Brown

Absolutely love ring slings! My aunt makes them and made me a few of them for my kids. They are amazing! Just slip it over your shoulder and put baby in pouch. Super easy. I still use it, even though my youngest is almost 3. I am very petite, which makes it difficult to carry the kids once they weigh a certain amount. The sling takes the pressure of my lower back and distributes the weight evenly.

Juggy Jenn Garcia

kids having kids should not be promoted as a good thing ......

nonmember avatar Michelle

I NEVER used a sling! I didn't trust them, and from what I've heard about them, I'm glad I didn't. (I never "swaddled" either. I didn't like it, and neither did my girls). After going through a stillbirth at 20 weeks, and a miscarriage at 13 weeks, I didn't want to deal with the fear of losing baby in a sling. I always used the car seat for mine. They were able to breath fresh air, and they were better protected against the elements or rambunctious children. (That wasn't too big of a worry with my oldest). If you use a sling, please keep an eye on your baby's breathing! They can (and have) suffocate(d)!!

Lauren Wasinger

The Gypsy Mama Wrapsody is cool. A lot like the Moby, but less complicated and heavy. Can be used with little ones or big ones. I had two ring slings and they are fine, so long as you use them correctly and stay away from the ones that are heavily padded. All that padding bunches and makes it hard to breathe. But that's why they have safety recalls and consumer safety boards, so we can find out what's not safe.

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