Nurse-Ins Are an Awful Way to Fight for the Right to Breastfeed in Public

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nurse-inHave you ever gotten kicked out of a store for breastfeeding? Gotten dirty looks while breastfeeding your newborn at a restaurant? Or maybe you were minding your business on an 18-hour flight and someone asked you to cover up your breasts while nursing your baby. What can you do but oblige your uncomfortable hosts? Well, many new moms are organizing and staging nurse-ins.

That's one way to get the public's attention.

When a restaurant manager says you can’t breastfeed in her establishment, go back the next day with 100 of your closest nursing friends and  sit down and breastfeed your babies all at the same time. That'll show 'em. Right?

I'm not so sure.

I worry that with all those exposed breasts, people are missing the point.

Moms should be allowed to nurse their babies anywhere. You feed a baby when she's hungry -- and if we mothers are expected to run home every single time our child cries out to be fed, we'll be trapped in our homes for most of our babies' early years. That is not fair to the mothers. We are nourishing our babies not exposing our breasts.

But while I believe in the right to protest, I don’t agree that forcing patrons to watch you nurse to make your point is the way to go. It’s one thing for one mother to be nursing her child someplace; it’s quite another when there's an organized drove of nursing mothers descending upon an establishment.

I mean, if you need to feed your baby, by all means feed your baby. But purposely going in there to feed in protest is basically shoving your beliefs down anyone within eyeshot's throat.

Some people are a little more modest and don’t care if you breastfeed in public or even notice but once you are standing there saying look at me, my breast are exposed and I am feeding my baby, FUCK YOU, that's combative. And then the focus becomes about women being combative rather than doing what comes naturally. The victims of the discrimination become the aggressors.

Moms, in all honesty, I think it would be more productive to breastfeed when you need, wherever you need, stand your ground and if you really want to hurt the business, protest in front of the business and inform their customers that they are not breastfeeding friendly; boycott their stores. Hit them in their pocketbooks and they will pay attention.

Do you think nurse-ins are an effective way to get the public to become more accepting of breastfeeding in public?

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LuvMy... LuvMyDandD

"You women"?? How offensive! "Wackos"?? Really. I could have sworn with a name like wamom, you would be female. Maybe I'm wrong. What is a nurse-in, if not a protest? How have "us women" gained rights throughout history? Protests.  I was unable to breastfeed my children due to being on blood thinners for 3 months after my pregnancy, but I back these nurse-ins. How should you draw attention to a cause if not protest? Too bad you feel too uncomfortable with what your breasts were MADE for by God and feel the need to complain. Oh, you thought your breasts were made for men? Too bad you are still in a 50's mindset. Don't worry, because "us women" have and will protest for your rights even though you sound like a traitor to your own gender...

wamom223 wamom223

Oh girl do not bring Rosa Parks into this. I am so offended that you would compare the two but then again you just proved my point. You are so fanatical about this issue that you don't realize how completely offensive your comparison is and that is a problem.  Most times it isn't the establishment that is at fault but one employee that isn't educated on the issue. Funny how you guys form a sit in before you even call and complain to upper management so that they can fix the problem.  BTW your son wasn't the problem getting on a schedule it sounded like that was all you.  After reading the rest of your posts my advise to you is to move on with your life.  That man made you uncomfortable well you made him uncomfortable and  you won so move the hell on!  Yes, your inability to look at the big picture makes you part of the problem not the solution.  You apparently haven't even realized that the man that made you so uncomfortable will most likely never do it to another woman again and isn't that what you want anyway?  Also just so you know a lot of people find it offensive that you are using your child that way in a nurse in and that means they wont listen to anything you have to say.

MrsYo... MrsYoung1287

I agree with wamom223, brittany you completely missed the point of the article. Btw I'm a breastfeeding mother myself and I never nurse in public just because I'm not comfortable with it. I get it we shouldn't have to feed our kid in the bathroom but I would be so pissed and annoyed if 20 woman can into a restaurnt while me and my husband were having dinner and whipped out their damn boobs just to prove a a fucking point! I'm all for bfing, seriously get the fuck over yourselves.

wamom223 wamom223

Why do you need to draw attention to the cause?  What are you crazy ass women talking about?  We have the law on our side and if you want to make a point you should try suing the establishment rather than having a nurse in.  I am pro-breastfeeding and while it was very difficult for me to do it I fought my way through it because I believed it was what was best for my son. I hate that you are all making the movement move backward instead of forward and that you don't even realize it.  I work at my son's pre-school and this comes up a lot and even from nursing mom's I've never heard a kind word said about a woman that participated in a nurse in.  You know the last stories I've heard about this has just highlighted the places I think women should not be allowed to breast feed.  I don't think you should do it in a pool (mostly for safety) and I don't think you should sit down in the middle of the way of other shoppers either and do It (again safety.)  What I don't understand about this issue is because we have the law on our side its pretty simple.  Some one tells you to leave a store for breast feeding and you tell them to call the cops since you have a legal right to be there and then problem solved.

LuvMy... LuvMyDandD

Why are you not comfortable? God made your breasts for your baby, not men. What if your baby is hungry and there is no restroom available? Do you make your baby wait?

wamom223 wamom223

Exactly Mrs. Young thanks for making the point I forgot.  Most times nurse in's end up punishing people that had nothing to do with it and that makes people resentful.

wamom223 wamom223

LuvMyDandD funny thing is there are hundreds of women that aren't comfortable feeding their babies with their breasts out and they all do just fine.  Its amazing you can keep them on a schedule or you can pump and carry bottles and you don't have to expose yourself to anyone.  BTW I have been to MOPS meetings with over 30 women breastfeeding at one time and didn't see one breast and it makes me wonder why this is such an issue for women.

LuvMy... LuvMyDandD

So because "you women" are uncomfortable with your husbands seeing other women do what is natural, they should find another place? Ahhh... now I get it. It's your own insecurity, revolving around those oh-so-important men.

jalaz77 jalaz77

I agree with wamom223!!

If exposing a nipple is comfortable then walk around shirtless or bra less. It's just boobs Brittney. And to compare Rosa Parks to breastfeeding is low. African Americans were being physically abused your baby is not and neither are you. Sorry but nurse ins are a protest. I am pro breast feeding, did public breastfeeding so rare and I was so discreet. But I also planned my day once breast feeding was established. I nursed before I went out in public. My kids made their own schedules and I worked with it.

LuvMy... LuvMyDandD

The fact that hundrends of women are uncomfortable is sad. Sorry you don't see it that way.

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