Moms Admit to Texting & Driving With Babies: Are They Nuts?

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baby in carHow many times do we have to be reminded just how dangerous it is to talk on the phone and/or text while driving? No matter how many accidents occur due to drivers who aren't paying attention to the road, plenty of people still refuse to put down their devices, probably because they don't think anything can actually happen to them.

As a mom who is 100 percent against talking (other than while using a hands-free calling device) and texting while I'm behind the wheel, I was pretty appalled to hear that many moms admit to talking and texting with their babies in the car.

Yep. It's true. A new survey conducted by Safe Kids Worldwide and American Baby magazine found that 78 percent of moms talk on the phone while driving, and 26 percent text and read emails. All of the participants surveyed admit to doing so with children under the age of 2 in the car.

And I know it doesn't make a difference what ages your kids are, you shouldn't be yapping away on your phone or texting, period.

But considering how much more frazzled, exhausted, and preoccupied moms of infants tend to be? Yeah, if anyone should know better than to talk, text, and drive at the same time, it's them.

OMG! What is wrong with these mothers? I know we're all busy and sometimes it can be pretty tempting to send a quick text or pick up the phone and make a call while you're on the road, but don't these moms realize they're carrying precious cargo in the back seat?

All it takes is a few seconds of having your eyes off the road, and boom! Everything that you love and hold dear can be taken away from you in an instant, all because you were in too much of a hurry to pull over and stop the car before making that call or sending that text.

When my son was a baby, smartphones weren't around yet, so texting wasn't even an option for me. But I never made phone calls while I was driving around with him. I was paranoid enough as it was about possibly getting into an accident with him in the car, so I never answered my phone, and if I really needed to make a call, I pulled into a parking lot or waited until I got home.

And even now that he's almost 7 years old, I only talk on the phone using the hands-free calling system in my car, and I never, N-E-V-E-R even think about sending a text.

I'm sure all of the moms who admit to texting and driving are very good moms who love their babies very much. But they really need to get a clue when it comes to using their devices while driving before something absolutely horrific happens.

And if thinking about how they'd feel if they were to get into an accident because of talking or texting doesn't convince them to stop, they should seriously consider having their heads examined.

Do you ever talk or text with your baby in the car?


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nonmember avatar A.R.S

No I don't. My brother was a police officer who was killed in the line of duty while sitting in his patrol car with his blue lights blazing when an idiot looked down to dial out and slammed into the back of his car.

I will never use my phone while driving, especially not with my kids in the car. 1 second is all it takes

Doomy234 Doomy234

No. My husband will text and drive and it makes me nervous as hell (especially since he got a new phone that only has the touchscreen keyboard). Its one thing if its just us, but I dont let him when his son is in the car. I will take his phone away if I have to. What you do to risk your own life is your own business, but to risk the life of your kid is just selfish.

I dont text and drive whether I am alone or not. I am not comfortable with it.

starl... starlighthippie

I talk while driving, no texting unless I am at a light, stopped, but I do talk. I also do not dial unless I am stopped. I really do not see why I should not talk and drive. I talk to my passengers and drive, why not talk on my phone and drive. Cannot tell you how many times talking and driving has kept me awake at the wheel when I used to make frequent cross country trips. I also listen to music and drive. Prevents the highway hypnosis.

jessy... jessyroos

My question is why anybody thinks its okay to use a handheld device for any reason while they are driving. There are countless studies showing how dangerous it is. I would encourage people to read up and think about how they would feel if they cause an accident. Not only with their own child in the car, but with a child in another car. Stop trying to multitask while driving!!

Blues... Blueshark77

No I won't do it. I have a bluetooth if I absolutely have to take a call, but usually I just wait until I'm at home or destination. Still this is a good reminder to talk to my partner about his texting while driving before the baby arrives. 

nonmember avatar MamaWilkerson

I talk and drive and honestly see nothing wrong with it.

nonmember avatar Dee

I occasionally talk on the Bluetooth but that's it. Every time someone pulls a dangerous move and almost hits me, I see them on the phone. It pisses me off to no end. People who see nothing wrong with it either don't realize or care that they're putting us all at jeopardy with their selfishness. Can't it wait? People are selfish idiots and yes I mean YOU if you do this.

Mom2f... Mom2fourlove

It's illegal where I live to use a phone and drive

Rootbear Rootbear

Imagine the days before cell phones? Good heavans, how did ANYONE get by? Jeez..

Carme... Carmen8706

Haha, Rootbear!  As my mother says, if anyone hits me while they're driving because they're on their cell phone, they better hope I can't get to them, because I will shove that cell phone so far up their ass they'll have to pick their nose to dial it.  People who text in drive may not be crazy, but they are selfish and stupid. 

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