Snooki's Parenting Philosophy Is One We Should All Adopt

snookiLorenzo's mama Snooki recently tweeted a photo of some of her current reading material, and one of the books she's perusing, Sh*tty Mom, caught my eye. I haven't read this book myself, but as one can surmise from the title, it's a light-hearted, don't-take-yourself-too-seriously-as-a-mom kind of book. And that's exactly what Snooki needs right now. (There were a series of tweets this weekend from both Snooki and her fiance Jionni, detailing some less-than-peaceful baby moments.)

Sh*tty Mom it up, dear Snooki. If you don't have a sense of humor after becoming a parent, you're pretty much screwed. Things can get ugly sometimes.

It seems things got a little messy in Casa de LaValle the past few days. During the wee hours of the morning on Saturday, Jionni tweeted: "The little s—t did it again, wakes me up and passes out! he takes after @snooki She warmed the milk n passed out too!" A few hours later, Snooki tweeted: "Gotta love Lorenzo interrupting the movie by throwing up everywhere & s—tting all over himself. Emergency bath!! #Parentproblems @jlavalle." There was another tweet from Jionni about poop and vomit, but I think you get the idea.

You have two choices when things like this happen (and happen they will): You can laugh about it. Or you can get pissed about it. If you do the former, things will run (no pun intended) more smoothly. If you do the latter, it's just going to make a bad situation worse. All sorts of crazy shit happens when you're a parent -- blow-outs; non-stop interrupted sleep; tantrums. If you're worried about everything being perfect and normal and like your friends, it's going to be bad times.

It seems like Snooki seems to be doing a pretty good job at keeping a sense of humor throughout mommyhood. After all, she's reading a book called Sh*tty Mom. As for Jionni, jury's still out. That tweet he wrote didn't exactly scream "light-hearted", but it can't be that hard to crack a smile at least when Snooki's around. Oh, and Lorenzo, too.

Did you keep your sense of humor after becoming a parent?

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jalaz77 jalaz77

I did and sometimes there are tears.

Elizabeth Erin Schjoth

jenelle needs to get her head straight and not mess with guys put her schooling, and her kids first.. specially jace, its very saddening seeing her leave everytime and seeing jace with this sad face crying mommy... if she is pregnant again, she needs to put the two kids first nothing else should matter and she needs to stay on her medications to help with her bipolar disorder so she can stay stable.. jace is missing out on his mother and its a shame but her mother needs to give her some slack. and not being all over her for the littlest things she is jace's mom your the grandmother.. i think jenelle and her mother need to seek some kind of counseling.. i can see from her mothers side... but give her a break specially when she has a bipolar disorder they do have their ups and downs.. the whole family needs to work together to where jace has stability threw out the home..

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